FIFTY FIFTY to Appear on TV After Failed Mediation Lawsuit with ATTRAKT – No Disband?

Despite the negative responses from the public and the demand for the group to disband, Kpop rookie FIFTY FIFTY will make a public TV appearance instead. What’s more, the program will thoroughly explain FIFTY FIFTY ongoing lawsuit against their company, ATTRAKT. Continue reading for a detailed discussion about the latest update on the FIFTY FIFTY lawsuit and whether the group will truly appear on the program or disband instead.

Lawsuit Update: Mediation Failed Between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT – Will It Lead to Their Disband?

Kpop rookie group FIFTY FIFTY has been under the public’s spotlight for several months due to their ongoing lawsuit against the agency, ATTRAKT. 

Previously, the Seoul court suggested a more peaceful resolution for the lawsuit between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT through mediation. However, apparently, the mediation had failed.

Wikitree reported on August 11 that FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT failed to reach an agreement during the mediation process for their ongoing lawsuit. The mediation took place on August 9, overseen by the Civil Conciliation Division 50 of the Seoul Central District Court. In the mediation process, FIFTY FIFTY member Saena and Aran’s mother, as well as ATTRAKT’s board of directors were present, but there were no signs of any FIFTY FIFTY member attending.

Still, after 2 hours of mediation, both sides reportedly failed to reach an agreement. However, ATTRAKT’s representative explained that the court had suggested they meet again on August 16 to have an honest discussion. And ATTRAKT wishes that FIFTY FIFTY members will attend the dialogue to discuss their misunderstandings in person.

“The court suggested that everyone meet by August 16 to clear up any misunderstanding. 


We still cannot reach the members yet, but our stance hasn’t changed. We believe that if there’s any confusion about the settlement, for example, we should discuss it back at the company. 


If FIFTY FIFTY decides to return, we’ll fully support getting them back to how they were.” 

ATTRAKT’s representative.

But instead of personally answering ATTRAKT, the latest update revealed FIFTY FIFTY to allegedly make a public appearance on TV. Members of FIFTY FIFTY will reportedly appear on SBS’s program, “Unanswered Questions”.

Public Appearance for SBS TV Program: “Unanswered Questions”

On August 13, Korean media outlet Insight revealed that FIFTY FIFTY would appear on a public TV program, “Unanswered Questions” by SBS. Despite being a rookie group that only debuted less than a year ago, this latest update gained massive attention, especially with the ongoing lawsuit with their agency, ATTRAKT.

At the end of its August 12 broadcast, SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” teased a video preview for the following week’s discussion. According to the report, the video revealed that next week’s content for SBS’s “Unanswered Question” would be related to the Kpop rookie group FIFTY FIFTY. 

SBS’s program, “Unanswered Questions” teaser about FIFTY FIFTY members appearance.| Insight Korea
SBS’s program, “Unanswered Questions” teaser about FIFTY FIFTY members appearance.| Insight Korea

Furthermore, Insight also revealed that SBS’s “Unanswered Question” had previously posted an interesting article on its official social media accounts. In the post, SBS’s “Unanswered Question” was looking for people familiar with the contract dispute of a specific girl group and those familiar with the idol industry. Many believed that the program was referring to the ongoing lawsuit between ATTRAKT and FIFTY FIFTY, along with the latest update.

Indeed, there has been no official confirmation both from SBS’s “Unanswered Question” or FIFTY FIFTY members. However, Insight believes that SBS’s “Unanswered Question” will reportedly dig into the latest update and issue revolving around FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT. And the public is eagerly looking forward to the broadcast.

When is the Release Date?

Finally, SBS’s “Unanswered Question” will broadcast its episode discussing FIFTY FIFTY’s story on August 19 at11.10 PM KST.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for further updates on whether the episode will truly feature the personal appearance of FIFTY FIFTY members or simply discuss the issue without them.

So, what do you think about this latest update about FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT lawsuit? Does the failed mediation mean that FIFTY FIFTY will soon disband? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Also, keep yourself updated with the latest news and update of the FIFTY FIFTY vs ATTRAKT lawsuit on Kpoppost Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram channel .

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