Find Out About EZUZ: The Korean Rapper Songwriter Duo That Is Always Going Viral

EZUZ is a Korean rapper-songwriter duo made up of members Lee Chan and Park WonChan who have time and again gone internationally viral for their content, be it their music, choreography, sense of humour, YouTube videos, or all of the above. Both the members participated in the rap competition reality show “Show Me The Money 9” but found real fame through their unique perspective on music that had millions rolling with them.

One of the most prominent things EZUZ is known for is the “EZUZ dance”, which found its way to the popular game “Fortnite” as well as dancers all over the world who covered the same, turning it into a TikTok and Instagram trend. 

Originally seen as a part of the choreography of the compiled music videos of ‘Booty Maketh Men’, ‘CEO’, ‘Dribble’ and ‘FACT’ by EZUZ in 2020, the dance is still equally as popular now as it was then. 

You can watch the full music video below!



Other popular songs by the duo include ‘Celeb’ and ‘Twerk It’, both of which have dance challenges of their own!

Regardless of the release dates of the songs, they never go out of trend. One such example is their song ‘Twerk It’, which was released way back in 2020 but has found brand new success now, in 2022.

You can listen to the complete song below!

Despite (or perhaps owing to) such global success, the duo remains true to their style, much to fans’ joy. However, EZUZ definitely deserves much more credit and attention for their musical talent and creative genius than they’re given. Both the members have their own unique rap flows that make their techniques unbeatable. In addition, their witty lyrics set to addictive melodies and quirky yet high-quality music videos all work towards their viral nature. To top it all off, their chemistry is undoubtedly one of their biggest strengths.

Watch EZUZ’s latest parody music video below!

You can follow EZUZ on Instagram and subscribe to them on their YouTube channel to keep up with their music (and other shenanigans)!


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