Find Yourself Episode 1 Recap

Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 1
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 1

Here’s the Find Yourself Ep 1 Recap. You can watch this drama on MGTV or Netflix.

About He Fan Xing – Female Lead
  • The show starts with He Fan Xing is on a blind date. She’s 32 years old and the guy is straight with her and wants to get married, not date, to not waste time. Fan Xing wants to enjoy the dating experience.
  • At work, Fan Xing prepares for the new employees. She hears about a co-worker getting married. The coworkers talk about how it’s too late to date at 30.
About Ye Lu Ming
  • Su Li deals with her overbearing boss, Mr. Ye Lu Ming. He’s in a bad mood and wants to terminate the contract with Amazing Decoration, He Fan Xing’s company. He’s upset his dog is missing and that Amazing Decoration wants to change the magazine photo at the last minute.
  • One of the staff begs for Fan Xing to get an intern for help with the client work. She asks for Yuan Song to help.
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 2
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 2
About Yuan Song – Male Lead
  • Yuan Song meets with He Can Yang, his professor. He’s the twin brother of He Fan Xing. He tells Yuan Song Fan Xing is in a good mood as she might get her first love today. She made a promise with her senior, Li Hao Miao ten years ago if they were still single today they’d be together.
  • Cai Min Min teaches students at a dance studio. Yuan Song walks over and becomes her dancing partner.
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Fan Xing and Yuan Song
  • Fan Xing is angry Yuan Song hasn’t arrived to work. She decides to go over to the client. She calls Yuan Song and lectures him for being late. He acknowledges and tells her he’ll head over to the client site.
  • Fan Xing heads over to the site as well. Miss Zhao gets angry at the set arrangements. Yuan Song rips the decorations down. Fan Xing apologizes and injures her hip. Yuan Song helps massage it.
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 3
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 3
Fan Xing’s Bad Day
  • Miss Zhao brings her husband over. It’s her school senior. She thinks back to her school memories with Li Hao Miao and how she slowly fell for him.
  • In present day, Fan Xing chats with Hao Miao. He laughs that she’s the only one in the class who hasn’t gotten married.
  • He gives her a wedding invitation. Fan Xing congratulates him and he wishes her good luck. She feels naïve for believing his words 10 years ago were true.
  • Fan Xing heads off to Xian Dai Cheng. She’s sullen. She wants romance and passion, not just suitability. She gets splashed with water.
  • Fan Xing meets with Mr. Ye. He’s angry at her tardiness and yells. He tells her to leave and that he’ll terminate their contract. She breaks down and starts crying. After, she sits on a park bench and Yuan Song appears.
About Last Night
  • The next morning she dreams about Yuan Song and freaks out. She tries to think about what happened the night before.
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 4
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 4
  • Rewind to the night before, Fan Xing and Yuan Song have dinner and drink. She tells him about Li Hao Miao and proceeds to gets more and more drunk. She doesn’t get why it’s so hard to just date.
  • Fan Xing thinks she has no more chances to date. Yuan Song tells her that’s not true. She asks if he is willing to date her.
  • The next morning Fan Xing and Can Yang eat breakfast with their parents.
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Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 5
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 5
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 6
Find Yourself Ep 1 Still 6

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