Find Yourself Episode 2 Recap

Here’s the Find Yourself Ep 2 Recap. You can watch this drama on MGTV or Netflix.

  • Their parents want Can Yang to live at the school. They’re angry at him for being such a playboy and breaking another girl’s heart. Fan Xing watches the video of the girl and sees herself. She also starts crying.
  • At work, Fan Xing heads to work and makes flyers for the missing dog she picked up. She’s hungover. Yuan Song says good morning to her. He brings up last night. She forgets what happened.
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 1
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 1
  • Mr. Ye goes in search for his missing dog. The employees get lectured on the tainted relationship with Ming Lu, Mr. Ye’s advertising company. Her crying stopped Mr. Ye from terminating the contract.
The Truth About Last Night
  • Fan Xing talks to Yuan Song in her office about his performance at work. He tells her she agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend. She doesn’t believe it. He tells her the promise they made to each other. Yuan Song tells her she also kissed him and that it was her first kiss.
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 2
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 2
  • Fan Xing heads out to put up missing dog posters. The dog runs away into Yuan Song’s arms. Fan Xing tells Yuan Song it’s not a big deal to get kissed by a senior. They put up posters and see Ye Lu Ming’s posters looking for a missing dog. She agrees to fulfill her promise.
Fan Xing Finds The Dog Owner
  • Fan Xing and Ye Lu Ming meet at night to return his dog. He gives her 10,000. Fan Xing wants him to prove it’s his dog. The dog doesn’t come to him when he says it’s name. Fan Xing believes it’s not his dog. He calls the dog another name and it runs to him.
  • Fan Xing looks for the dress she borrowed from Ye Lu Ming. Can Yang’s ex-girlfriend has cut it up. At night Fan Xing calls her friend for help with the dress. It has to be pre-ordered and will take half a month.
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Yuan Song Slowly Falls For Fan Xing
  • Yuan Song and Can Yang go for a morning jog and talk about Fan Xing. Can Yang blames himself for interfering with all of Fan Xing’s potential love interests.
  • Yuan Song sees Fan Xing on the streets. He thinks back to two nights again. Fan Xing tells him she’d date him if it was ten years ago. He asks about current day but she only pinches his cheeks, angry he’s always late and causing trouble.
  • Yuan Song walks over and they walk to work together. He wants to be her friend.
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 3
Find Yourself Ep 2 Still 3
  • Fan Xing meets with Hao Miao to discuss the project. He talks about his fiancee. He introduces her to his wife’s cousin. Fan Xing tells him she already has a boyfriend. Yuan Song walks in and sees the picture. He introduces himself as her boyfriend and he whines about her being a bridesmaid, saying it’s not a good idea.
  • Cai Min Min attends Can Yang’s class and causes a scene. He remembers her name. After class, Ye Lu Ming picks her up. He’s her uncle. Ye Lu Ming plans her birthday party and gives her an apartment.
  • Fan Xing waits for Ye Lu Ming at his office. She leaves a note apologizing for the dress attached with the money he gave.

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