Find Yourself Episode 5 Recap

Here’s the Find Yourself Ep 5 Recap. You can watch this drama on MGTV or Netflix.

  • Cong Xiao finds out her boyfriend is also dating someone else. She goes meet the other girl and realizes she’s been tricked to. The other girl tells Cong Xiao about the boyfriend. Cong Xiao heads back to work in a bad mood. She vents to Chang Huan and Fan Xing overhears.
  • Aunt Wang comes over to the He family with gifts. She asks Fan Xing about a boyfriend. They gossip about neighbours and Fan Xing remains quiet.
  • Xiao Yu gets angry at a bar and Fan Xing comes to help. She wants to quit and raise the kids only. She vents about her husband.
Fan Xing’s Blind Date
  • Fan Xing heads out to her blind date. She runs into Lu Ming. She finds out he’s her date. He thinks it’s fate and she thinks it’s injustice that they meet again. Fan Xing tells him she only came to apologize not to date. She already has someone she likes.
  • Lu Ming calls Steven and tells him about the situation. He promises to not be the third party but will stay put and wait for the right chance.
  • Lu Ming asks her why she still has doubts when she likes the person and the person is chasing her. He guesses there’s an age gap and she lets it slip that they’re also coworkers.
Find Yourself Ep 5 Still 1
Find Yourself Ep 5 Still 1
  • Cong Xiao and Chang Huan go bowling. After they head out for dinner. They see Fan Xing and Ye Lu Ming in the mall.
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Min Min’s Conefssion
  • Min Min hosts her birthday party. A classmate warns Yuan Song that Min Min will confess to him. Before lighting the cake Min Min confesses to Yuan Song. He tells her he already has someone he likes. He apologizes.
Find Yourself Ep 5 Still 2
Find Yourself Ep 5 Still 2

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