Find Yourself Episode 8 Recap

Here’s the Find Yourself Ep 8 Recap. You can watch this drama on MGTV or Netflix.

  • Aunt Wang gossips at tai chi about Fan Xing and Lu Ming. Mrs. He overhears and wants to know the truth.
Yuan Song Tries To Be Cute
  • Fan Xing heads to work. She gets scared by Yuan Song who wears a face mask. He gives her flowers to bring to work. He leaves so they can head to work separately.
  • Fan Xing loses the card that came with the flowers. She searches around for it. Yuan Song comforts her and tells her she probably lost it on the way to work. She feels bad but Yuan Song apologizes before she gets to.
Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 1
Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 1
  • Cong Xiao and Chang Huan work at an exhibition to get sales.
  • Mrs. He calls a family meeting about Fan Xing. Can Yang sits and listens. Mrs. He thinks Fan Xing is involved with a married man. Can Yang tells them to ask Fan Xing outright when she comes back.
Dinner With Coworkers
  • Fan Xing has dinner with coworkers. She tells them about her ideal guy. Cong Xiao and Chang Huan joins them. Cong Xiao ignores Fan Xing. After dinner the group goes to karaoke. Mrs. He calls Fan Xing and Fan Xing decides to head home.
  • Cong Xiao tells Yuan Song and Chang Huan she’s jealous of Fan Xing and her blind date. She tells them the two are a good match. Yuan Song gets sad and has trouble sleeping at night.
Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 2
Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 2
Yuan Song Confronts Fan Xing
  • The next day Can Yang asks Yuan Song if there’s anything weird going on with Fan Xing and male coworkers. He tells Yuan Song to watch her movements and report to him.
  • Fan Xing wakes up to an amazing breakfast. Her parents apologize for always talking about marriage in front of Fan Xing.
  • Yuan Song finds Fan Xing in the storage room. He asks about the blind date. She says she didn’t feel the need to tell him. Yuan Song gets upset she didn’t consider his feelings.
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Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 3
Find Yourself Ep 8 Still 3
  • Lu Ming goes to the vet with Zhao Tao Hua. He asks Fan Xing for help. Fan Xing is in a bad mood and Lu Ming asks if she has relationship problems.

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