Flash’s Powers Simply Humiliated Stephen King

In The Flash #782, Linda Park flexes her writing muscle mass with a newfound capability that pits her towards the likes of Stephen King himself.

Warning: this text incorporates preview photographs and spoilers for The Flash #782!

In DC Comics, these with superpowers, just like the Flash, normally don a fancy dress and embrace their newfound identification as a superhero—or supervillain. When a civilian positive factors superhuman skills, they’re usually vulnerable to utilizing them for egocentric causes. So, what occurs when a number of the Flash’s velocity rubs off on his spouse, Linda Park? The opening pages of Flash #782 trace that this could possibly be the start of a fierce rivalry between Linda and one of the world’s most prolific writers, Stephen King.

Linda Park is the spouse of Wally West, the present Flash. Whereas they butted heads at first, Linda’s shrewdness and willpower received Wally’s coronary heart, and he or she could not assist however finally fall for the impulsive speedster. A former investigative reporter, Linda now lives a suburban life together with her and Wally’s super-powered twins, Jai and Irey. Being a part of the Flash Household has been a rollercoaster for Linda over time, however she’s by no means didn’t help Wally and their children. In Flash #779, Linda discovers that she’s gained her husband’s super-speed after panicking over the disappearance of the twins. Wally quickly returns, children in tow, and her fears are alleviated. Nevertheless, Linda decides it is best that she retains her skills hidden to keep away from including to Wally’s rising listing of issues as a full-time superhero.


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In a preview for The Flash #782, Linda Park is seen engaged on her novel, which Irey jokingly refers to as her mom’s “smoochy e book”. In a sudden burst of velocity, Linda pumps out a chapter in 10 seconds. She snarkily feedback, “Eat your coronary heart out Stephen King…” as she realizes she may turn into a bestselling novelist very quickly. Jai and Irey burst into the room a second later and Linda’s defenses shoot up. Ought to the twins uncover her skills, Wally would know immediately—fairly actually, figuring out their powers. Whereas it might not appear as sinister because the acts of some supervillains, Linda’s speed-writing remains to be a morally questionable use of her energy. The Flash #782 is written by Jeremy Adams, with artwork by Matt Ryan, Fernando Pasarin, colours by Jeromy Cox and Peter Pantazis, and letters by Rob Leigh.

If Linda lets these newfound skills get to her head, there could possibly be disastrous outcomes. The point out of Stephen King within the DC Universe additionally opens up the opportunity of different well-known writers from the actual world co-existing with characters just like the Flash and Superman. With 64 novels underneath his belt, a few of them being over 1,000 pages lengthy, King is in no way a gradual author. However a complete chapter in 10 seconds? Not even King may obtain that feat.

Whereas Stephen King might exist within the DC Universe, he would not seem to own any metahuman skills apart from his skillful penmanship. With Linda Park making her debut within the writing world, the King of Horror simply might need his competitors in DC’s up-and-coming Queen of Romance. Ought to the Flash select to calm down into an inventive profession, his spouse is certain to have a couple of pointers for him.

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The Flash #782 might be out there from DC Comics on Might seventeenth, 2022.

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