For Married Doctress (2020) Cast & Summary

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Drama Info:

Title: For Married Doctress (替嫁医女) Ti Jia Yi Nu
Episodes: 24
Release Date: July 10, 2020
Film Location: Xiangshan
Summary: The drama is adapted from Kong Kong’s novel “Marrying Princess”. It tells the story between the daughter of Chen State’s Tai Fu who marries Emperor Yu Wen Yong of the Zhou Dynasty.

Plot Synoposis:

During the Qi and Zhou battles, the Qi state suffered a big loss, and Chen state was afraid of being attacked. The ministers suggested that the Emperors of Chen and Zhou Guo enter an alliance through marriage.

Liu Qing, daughter of a powerful official, is forced to assume the identity of the princess as she is married off to Yu Wen Yong, the King of Zhou, who in reality is a puppet figurehead who holds no power.

Cast & Characters:
Mi Re

Mi Re 米热 as Yu Wen Yong 宇文雍

Emperor of Zhou. On the surface he is a puppet emperor, but in fact he is smart and hardworking, and has been planning secretly, trying to regain his power. He slowly fell in love with Liu Jing after they married.

Gong Mi

Gong Mi 贡米 as Liu Jing 柳婧

Innocent by nature, she lived with her grandfather, who was a doctor in jianghu, as a child. She is good at medicine and cultivated a free and lively heart. Due to a family crisis, she was forced to marry into Zhou. She helps Emperor Yu Wen Yong take back the imperial power and faces many struggles with him.

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Supporting Characters
Zhang Yong Bo

Zhang Yong Bo 张永博 as Yu Wen Zhao 宇文昭
Yu Wen Yong’s half-brother, King of Zhou. He looks handsome, is bright, lovely, and kind. He is Liu Jing’s number one fan. For friendship, family and even love, he always maintains a pure heart. Later he protects Yu Wen Yong and Liu Jing, tragically sacrificing himself on the battlefield.

Wang Wan Zhong

Wang Wan Zhong 王婉中 as Tang Wan 唐婉
The first beauty of Zhou. She is cold and rational, and has perseverance. The owner of Chan Le Fang. Her father and brother are persecuted by Du Gu Jin and annihilated. Yu Wen Yong rescues her and trains her to be a spy.

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Airing Schedule

Start: July 10, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Friday and Saturday
End: August 11, 2020

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