Former T-ara Member Han Areum Shares Photos Of Her Baby Bump

Former T-ara member Han Areum is getting ready to welcome a new addition to her family!

On November 3, Han Areum—who is currently pregnant with her second child—took to Instagram to share photos of her baby bump.

Han Areum wrote, “Tomorrow marks the 31st week of my pregnancy. It’s a time when even sitting down is hard… and getting up after sitting down [feels like] death… it’s so difficult that I’d like it if the birth came quickly, but it’s more important for [the baby] to be born healthy, so Mom will find strength..? Our second son, you suffered because of my pregnancy photo shoot! I love you! 56 days left to go before I get to meet you…”

Han Areum gave birth to her first son two years ago, in June 2020.


Congratulations to Han Areum and her family!

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