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Former WWE Official Believes CM Punk’s Return To The Company Is A Possibility 

Mike Chioda is a familiar face to WWE fans of all ages, having worked as a referee for the company from 1989 until his retirement in April 2020. He has since officiated a few AEW matches. With firsthand experience in both companies, he understands how things work, and he has now shared his thoughts on what he’d do if he were Tony Khan in the CM Punk controversy.

I will not let go of CM Punk because, from a corporate perspective, whether they begin pinning Punk in a year or two or whatever else they do with him, I believe they will take him away from AEW. Chioda stated that bringing Punk back would be a huge draw in TV ratings for WWE. Punk’s AEW contract was reportedly bought out a few weeks ago as a result of the infamous brawl during All Out in September between him, his coach Ace Steel, and The Elite, as well as his subsequent alleged suspension.

He hasn’t been seen on AEW since, thanks in part to an injury he sustained at the event. Kevin Owens has a great contract worth 3 to 5 million dollars per year. A lot of guys are getting agreements and getting paid. Roman Reigns is likely to earn between $8 and $10 million per year. I’d hire Punk if he made $5 million a year or whatever. I’d set aside my differences and say, ‘Let’s just do business.’

Punk recently spoke about his injury and recovery

Punk has been absent from AEW programming while healing from surgery to fix his broken foot. He recently spoke about his injury and recovery as he prepares to defend his title on AEW Dynamite against Interim AEW Champion Jon Moxley. Punk begins by stating that he has had issues with the way his health has been handled in the past. 

Punk stated, I’ve been devoting all of my waking hours to getting my foot back to 100%. My surgeon has cleared me. This is where the tricky question comes in, if that means I’m 100% or not. Punk contrasts the ambiguity to his first UFC fight, in which, despite losing to Mickey Gall, he said in his post-fight interview that he just likes to climb the mountain regardless of whether he reaches the summit. I’m prepared; I’ve completed the work, because you’re never prepared until you do it.


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