G-Dragon Persistence in the Drug Scandal Update: Did the Police Make a Mistake?

The latest update of the room-salon drug scandal involving “Parasite” actor Lee Sun Kyun and BIGBANG rapper G-Dragon (GD) reveal more unexpected developments. After voluntarily visiting the police station, G-Dragon is actively working to prove his innocence in the drug scandal. While his bravery and determination are commendable, does this mean that the South Korean police had mistakenly involved G-Dragon in the case? Check out the following report for more details on GD’s drug scandal.

G-Dragon (GD) Drug Scandal Update: Taking Legal Action After Voluntary Visit to the Police Station

After completing his voluntary visit to the police station, BIGBANG rapper G-Dragon (GD) must face more issues regarding the room-salon drug scandal.

On November 10, the legal representatives of BIGBANG G-Dragon (GD) provided an update on the drug scandal through an official statement.

In the statement, GD’s lawyer clarified some false reports that had been widely circulating on the internet and social media. They also announced plans to take strong legal action against those spreading false information and baseless rumors about G-Dragon.

BIGBANG G-Dragon. | MyDaily
BIGBANG G-Dragon. | MyDaily

Previously, GD has had his name dragged into the recent drug scandal along with actor Lee Sun Kyun. While the “Parasite” actor has been showing signs of remorse and repeatedly apologized to the public, GD held his head high with strong confidence and vowed his innocence, which resulted in more criticism.

However, the latest update on the Lee Sun Kyun and GD drug scandal stated that both celebrities tested negative for drugs. However, the scandal keeps evolving with more unexpected twists.


G-Dragon Visited the Police Station with Shaved Body Hair: Police Accused Him of Attempting to Destroy Evidence

After his last visit to the police station and negative results in the initial drug test, the police reportedly accused G-Dragon of attempting to destroy evidence.


In the afternoon of November 10, reports began circulating that during his visit to the police station, G-Dragon came after shaving his entire body hair, except for his head.

G-Dragon voluntarily attended the police investigation into the recent room-salon drug scandal on November 6. Seeking a more detailed analysis than a simple reagent test could provide, the police tried to collect GD’s hair and body hair.

However, the police discovered that GD had removed all his body hair at the time, except the ones on his head. This situation triggered further suspicion from the police that G-Dragon was trying to destroy the evidence tying him to the drug scandal. That is especially when multiple drug offender celebrities have used the same method in the past, including former JYJ Park Yoo Chun and Robert Harley.

Still, when the police asked GD regarding his state, the BIGBANG rapper stated that shaving body hair is simply a habit for him.

“I always shave my body hair.”


GD Has Been Proactively Cooperating with the Police in the Drug Scandal Investigation

Responding to the groundless suspicions, the legal representative of BIGBANG G-Dragon posted an official update.

On the same day after the rumors started circulating, GD’s lawyer, Kim Soo Hyun, released an official statement clarifying the false reports. According to the lawyer, GD did not attempt to destroy anything related to the drug scandal.

Besides, although the court rejected his case because there was insufficient evidence, GD still voluntarily attended the investigation. Moreover, BIGBANG G-Dragon even proactively submitted not only urine and hair, but also nails and toenails samples without warrants.

Additionally, lawyer Kim Soo Hyun also revealed that shaving body hair has been a habit for GD. This is a statement that GD had informed the police during the investigation. But after confirming this fact, GD had also stated he would voluntarily submit additional samples beyond the head hair samples initially requested by the police, including leg hair.

Ultimately, GD’s lawyer also revealed that the BIGBANG rapper hadn’t dyed his hair for about 1 year and 5 months. Therefore, all the ongoing rumors regarding his ties to the drug scandal were not true.

More Update: G-Dragon Plans to Take Strong Legal Action Against False Rumors and Defamation

Finally, despite all his efforts in proactively cooperating with their drug scandal investigation, the South Korean police and media had allegedly implied that G-Dragon (GD) had been tampering with the evidence during his visit to the station.

Therefore, GD and his legal representatives declared to take strong legal action against such false rumors and defamations in the future.

“The police quickly concluded that G-Dragon tried to interfere with evidence, even though he showed no such intention.

Besides, it is also regrettable that they released false reports that didn’t align with the facts without confirmation from G-Dragon, causing serious defamation against him.

The accusation that G-Dragon shaved his body to hide evidence has no basis. The original article that initially incorrectly reported this has also been updated.

In the future, we will take strong legal action against such baseless reporting. We urge the media to report accurately and responsibly to avoid harming G-Dragon, who is a well-known public figure.”

GD’s lawyer.

Did The Police Make a Mistake?

Finally, with such an unexpected development, does it mean that the police had made a mistake with GD’s drug scandal?

Please stay with us, and we will keep posting latest update about BIGBANG G-Dragon.

Source: Stoo, MyDaily, Xports News

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