Galantis Presale Code 2023, How To Get Galantis Presale Tickets?

Galantis Presale Code 2023

One source offers a 5% discount on Galantis tickets by using the promo code “PROMO19” during checkout. They also provide Galantis Presale Codes on their Super Seats page.

Another website shares a free presale password for Galantis’s Echostage show in Washington on November 9, 2023. The password “STATION” grants access to the presale, which starts on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 10:00 AM EDT and concludes at 10:00 PM EDT on the same day.

Ticket sales for the general public commence on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 10:00 AM EDT and end on Friday, November 10, 2023, at 01:00 AM EST.

Presale: Starts: Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 10:00 AM EDT Ends: Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at 10:00 PM EDT

General Public Onsale: Starts: Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 10:00 AM EDT Ends: Friday, November 10, 2023, at 01:00 AM EST

How To Get Galantis Presale Tickets?

Discover various methods to secure presale tickets for events:

  • Mailing List Subscription: Take advantage of presale codes and exclusive opportunities by subscribing to the artist’s mailing list. This direct connection often grants you early access to tickets.
  • Social Media Engagement: Stay tuned to the artist’s social media accounts as they frequently unveil presale codes to their followers. Following their updates ensures you’re in the loop.
  • Fan Club Membership: Being part of an artist’s fan club can provide you with the privilege of accessing presale tickets. Some fan clubs offer this perk as a benefit to their members.
  • Presale Ticket Services: Explore dedicated websites and services that specialize in offering presale tickets for a wide range of events. These platforms can simplify your search.
  • Persistent Pursuit: Given the high demand for presale tickets, persistence pays off. Continuously check various sources and platforms to increase your chances of securing early access.

Navigating these avenues can significantly enhance your likelihood of obtaining coveted presale tickets, ensuring you don’t miss out on your favorite events.



Galantis Tour Dates




Sep 1

New York (NYC), NY, US

Musica NYC

Sep 1

New York (NYC), NY, US

Electric Zoo Festival

Sep 2

Miami Beach, FL, US


Sep 2

Montreal, QC, Canada

New City Gas

Sep 3

Montreal, QC, Canada

New City Gas

Sep 22

Mexico City, Mexico

Quarry Studios

Nov 4

Miami, FL, US


Nov 9

Washington, DC, US


Nov 11

Boston, MA, US

Big Night Live


Galantis is a Swedish electronic music duo comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw. Known for their energetic and uplifting sound, Galantis has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their infectious melodies and catchy hooks.

Christian Karlsson, who was previously part of the production duo Bloodshy & Avant and co-writer of hits like Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” joined forces with Linus Eklöw, also known as Style of Eye, to form Galantis in 2012. Their unique blend of pop-infused dance music quickly gained attention, leading to a record deal with Atlantic Records.

Galantis achieved widespread success with their debut single, “Smile,” followed by their breakout hit, “Runaway (U & I).” The latter earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2016 and solidified their position in the electronic music scene.

Known for their vibrant and energetic live performances, Galantis has graced stages at major festivals and venues around the world. Their shows are characterized by a high level of energy, interactive visuals, and a strong connection with the audience.

Over the years, Galantis has released several successful albums and singles, including “Peanut Butter Jelly,” “No Money,” and “Love on Me.” Their music blends elements of progressive house, electro-pop, and future bass, creating a unique and distinct sound that sets them apart from their peers.

Beyond their own releases, Galantis has also collaborated with various artists, including Dolly Parton, OneRepublic, and Hook N Sling. These collaborations have further showcased their versatility and ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

Galantis continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, consistently delivering infectious and uplifting tracks that resonate with listeners. With their unwavering passion for music and ability to create memorable moments, Galantis has become a staple in the electronic music landscape, leaving a lasting impact on fans and fellow artists alike.


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