General’s Lady Chinese Drama (2020) Cast & Summary

General's Lady Chinese Drama Poster
General’s Lady Chinese Drama Poster
Drama Info:

Title: General’s Lady (将军家的小娘子) Jiang Jun Jia De Xiao Niang Zi
Episodes: 30
Release Date: October 9, 2020
Film Location: Hengdian
Summary: The Chinese drama is adapted from by Yanbo Jiangnan’s novel of the same name. It’s a love story between the “falling daughter” and the “devil general” as they get acquainted and protect the world.

Plot Synoposis:

Because of emperor bestowing a marriage, spoiled Miss Shen Jin must marry far away.

She and her husband, General Chu Xiu Ming, fall in love at first sight, but because of their special status, they cannot integrate into the Chu family army smoothly.

In order to gain dignity and love in her brand-new environment, Shen Jin gradually puts behind her delicacy and hypocrisy, uses her unique resources and keen thinking to solve problems for the border soldiers.

Little by little, she establishes her prestige and wins the support of the soldiers.

With the court changes, the emperor becomes more and more suspicious of the Chu family army.

Taking Shen Jin’s parents as hostages, he sends a secret order to Shen Jin to let her act as a royal spy and monitor the Chu family army.

Chu Xiu Ming and Shen Jin go through ups and downs, and they finally gain a happy love while defending the peace of the country.

Cast & Characters:
Tang Min
Tang Min

Tang Min 汤敏 as Shen Jin 沈锦
The spoiled lady of Wang manor, the emperor bestows her to Chu Xiu Ming.

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Wu Xi Ze
Wu Xi Ze

Wu Xi Ze 吴希泽 as Chu Xiu Ming 楚修明
A general who falls in love with Shen Jin at first sight.

Supporting Characters
Cao Jun Xiang
Cao Jun Xiang

Cao Jun Xiang 曹峻祥 as Chu Xiu Yuan 楚修远
Chu Xiu Ming’s younger brother.

Lu Jia
Lu Jia

Lu Jia 卢佳 as Rou Rou 肉肉

Drama Posters:
General's Lady Chinese Drama Still 1
General’s Lady Chinese Drama Still 1
General's Lady Chinese Drama Still 2
General’s Lady Chinese Drama Still 2
General's Lady Chinese Drama Still 3
Chinese Drama General’s Lady Still 3
General's Lady Chinese Drama Still 4
General’s Lady Chinese Drama Still 4
Airing Schedule

Start: October 9, 2020
Frequency: 1 episode every Wednesday to Saturday
End: November 27, 2020

Generals Lady Chinese Drama Airing Calendar
Airing Calendar

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