Genshin Impact A Thousand Questions With Paimon Answers, What Is The Answers For The Event Questions?

Questions  Answers  Which Of The Following Is The Customary Hilichurl Greeting? Olah Which Of The Following Elements Is Boreas Not Immune To? Pyro Which Of The Following Dishes Is Not A Mondstadt Staple? Mora Meat Which Of The Following Will Not Allow You To Obtain Shrine Of Depths Keys? Completing A Story Quest Holding Venti’S Elemental Skill Allows Him To Generate A Wind Current Which Can Be Used To Perform Plunging Attacks. True Which Of The Following Is Not One Of The Cryo Regisvine’S Weak Points? Petal What Is Keqing’S Title In The Liyue Qixing? Yuheng What Does Lupical Mean? Family Which Of The Following Elemental Resonances Can Reduce The Cd Of Elemental Skills? Impetuous Winds Diluc Used To Be The Knights Of Favonius Cavalry Captain Who Wrote The Favonius Survival Rulebook For Klee? Kaeya Wanshu Inn’S Cat Is Called Wei Which Of The Following Characters Will Not Have Their Charged Attacks Infused By Cryo Dmg By Chongyun’S Spirit Blade: Chonghua’S Layered Frost? Klee What Is The Name Of The Night Shift Guard Of The Northland Bank? Nadia How Many Types Of Hydro Mimics Can The Oceanid Summon In Total? 8 Types Which Of The Following Areas Do Not Contain Any Violetgrass? Qingxu Pool Which Of The Following Statements Is False You Can Attack The Oceanid Directly To Deal Dmg To It In Which Of These Locations Can Dandy Not Be Found To Try A Time Trial Challenge? The Highest Point Of Qingce Village Which Of The Following Characters Did Not Have A Pet Turtle As A Kid? Amber Which Of The Following Animals Does Not Appear In The Boar Princess Book Collection? Rabbit Which Of The Following Does The Unusual Hilichurl Drop? Cabbages Who Occupies The Eighth Seat Among The Eleven Fatui Harbingers? Signora Who Is The Owner Of The Best Pharmacy In Liyue? Baizhu Which Location Can Musk Reef Be Reached Via A Black Hole? Cape Oath Sucrose Is The Assistant Of Whomst? Albedo Pyro Regisvine Is Immune To Pyro Damage. False Which Place’S Topography Is The Result Of An Archon Hurling Giant Spears Of Rock During A Time Of War. Guyun Stone Forest What Is Diona’S Constellation Called? Feles Kaeya’S Elemental Burst Can Freeze False Which Archon Created The Mora Geo Archo What Is The Name Of Anemo Hypostasis Beth Xingqui’S Passive Talent About Enhancement True Which Of The Following Does Boreas Drop? All Of The Above Geo Attacks On Anemo Hypostasis Will Not Cause Crystallize False Something Like What Does Break The Shield Of Hydro Abyss Mage Cryo Amber Is The Champion Of Gliding Amber Is The Knights Of Favonius’ Only Outrider What Is The Element That Attacks Pyro Regisvine’S Weak Point? Hydro How Many Members Does Benny’S Adventure Team Has? 1 The Tevyat Travel Guide Does Not Include Wuwang Hill Which Of The Following Material Does Not Drop? Amethyst Which Of The Following Local Specialties Found In Liyue? Wolfhooks Who Want A Pet Finch? Qiqi Who Is Eleventh Harbinger? Childe Oz Summon Duration Is At A Set Time True Wangshu Inn’S Cat Is Called: Wei  When The Traveller Is Affected By Pyro, Holding The Traveller’S Elemental Skill Can Be Used To Cause Elemental Absorption Which Of The Following Artifact Sets Does Not Include Any Items Of 4 Stars Or Above? Travelling Doctor Which Volume Did Xingqiu Borrow From Chang The 9Th? 6Th When Xiangling’S Guoba Is Breathing Fire, If A Character Is In The Aoe Of The Fire Breath, They Will Also Be Affected By Pyro. False Which Of The Following Items Does Not Belong To The Liyue Region? Horsetail Which Of The Following Regional Specialties Can Be Obtained From Stormterror’S Lair? Wind Wheel Aster Which Of The Following Statements About Xinyan Is False? The One With The Shielded Character Dealt 15% More Damage When Does The Boreas Fight Refresh Every Week? Monday 4:00 Am The Karst Crawlers At Mt. Hulao Can Entrap Anyone Who Steps On Them, Covering The Intruder In Amber. Who Planted Those Plants? Mountain Shaper



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