Girlfriend (2020) Episode 1 Recap

Wen Xiaonuan was thrown away, wine mad, strong kiss Ye Feimo Wen Xiaonuan signed a 15-day contract.

Ye Feimo is the general manager of Anning Group, young and promising, and the successor of the group. At the project cooperation meeting, the other company proposed to invite Han Hui to act as the heroine. She is also an influential Chinese actress in the world. . Han Hui is actually Ye Feimo ’s ex-girlfriend. He was hesitant. Cheng Anya directly went to the meeting and publicly opposed the matter. She is the chairman of Anning Company and Ye Feimo ’s mother.

Cheng Anya did not want his son Ye Feimo to be entangled with Han Hui again, so he firmly opposed it, and reminded Ye Feimo not to worry about Han Hui again. The mother and son walked and talked while meeting Wen Xiaonuan in a puppet cartoon suit. Cheng Anya glanced over and felt that Wen Xiaonuan looked somewhat similar to Han Hui. He said a few words, and then asked the assistant to help Wen Xiaonuan who fell.

Han Hui is about to return to China for development. Cheng Anya is not at ease and deliberately reassigned Ye Feimo to a beautiful female secretary, hoping he can find another girl to fall in love with again. Ye Feimo didn’t appreciate it, and sent the female secretary. Cheng Anya didn’t give up, and arranged a lot of promising girls one after another, all of them failed.

Gu Yunzhou, a good brother, also privately persuaded Ye Feimo that Ye Feimo didn’t like to listen. He went to the bathroom and went back to the wrong private room, and went to Wen Xiaonuan’s private room. Wen Xiaonuan thought of Ye Feimo as a boyfriend Jiang Fang when he was drunk, threw himself up and kissed him directly, and made Ye Feimo stunned. It turned out that Jiang Fang was invited to join the Yaohua Group. Wen Xiaonuan was very happy. He made an appointment with Jiang Fang to go to the old place to celebrate at night. He also bought a gift. When he picked up his boyfriend, he accidentally bumped into Jiang Fang and the president of the Yaohua Group. My sister Jiang Ling’er got it together and broke his leg.

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The thing about cheating was broken, Jiang Fang was silent, and Jiang Linger was ironic that Wen Xiaonuan would only drag Jiang Fang’s hind legs. Wen Xiaonuan was dumped and came to the restaurant private room to drink and get drunk when he was sad. He treated Ye Feimo as Jiang Fang, crying and making trouble, and slapped Ye Feimo after he kissed. The company had a temporary accident, and Ye Feimo, who was looking for it by Gu Yunzhou, hurriedly pulled him away.

Ye Feimo remembered that Wen Xiaonuan, who looked a bit like Han Hui, just told Gu Yunzhou to return to the company to deal with things. He returned to the hotel, but Wen Xiaonuan had been taken away by his girlfriends. Wen Xiaonuan is just an 18-line actor. The role she can perform is either cannon fodder or hardship. She just ended a scene on this day. Her mouth and lips are all green and purple because of the filming.

Ye Feimo remembered Wen Xiaonuan and cast a large-screen advertisement. Gu Yunzhou told Cheng Anya what happened that night, and Cheng Anya remembered the doll girl who stumbled. Cheng Anya asked Zhou Xiaojing to find Wen Xiaonuan and asked her to accompany Ye Feimo as a girlfriend at Ye Fei Mo’s reception.

Wen Xiaonuan had just fallen out of love, and even though the remuneration was very good, he still rejected Zhou Xiaojing. Zhou Xiaojing left a business card and asked Wen Xiaonuan to consider it before replying to himself. A film invested by Anning Culture Group is about to be released, but it was leaked online. Ye Feimo and Gu Yunzhou both suspected that the inner ghost was Lin Zheng.

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The reason why Ye Feimo remembered Wen Xiaonuan was because a girl had rescued herself in the water, and she had a butterfly-shaped birthmark on her shoulder. Last night Wen Xiaonuan’s kiss made him feel familiar, and Han Hui It’s not that girl, maybe Wen Xiaonuan is the right one. Wen Xiaonuan was reluctant to give up the Huangmei Drama Troupe. The family called and the landlord urged to pay the rent, otherwise she moved things. In order to keep the troupe, she finally got through Zhou Xiaojing’s phone, agreed to the conditions, and signed a 15-day contract.

Zhou Xiaojing arranged for Wen Xiaonuan to stay in Ye Feimo’s residence and take care of Ye Feimo’s life as a private nurse. Ye Feimo was worried about where to go to find Wen Xiaonuan. At first sight, he saw a real person at home and froze on the spot.

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