Girlfriend (2020) Episode 10 Recap

Wang Jiayi delivers resume to Anning for Wen Xiaonuan

Ye Feimo announced on the board of directors that the “Blue Sky Galaxy” movie project was officially launched. He also said that Yaohua will make 100% of the film when it is released, and gave up the first week’s box office share to promote the film. At this news, it was shocked and panicked. Ye Feimo did not save Lin Zheng’s face. Vice President Chen and Li Dong were also involved in this matter. They gave the three of them an hour to pack their bags and leave Anning, otherwise they would be at your own risk.

Lin Zheng also wanted to quibble, hoping that Ye Feimo would give him another chance, but obviously Ye Feimo did not accept it. Zhou Xiaojing returned the necklace to Ye Feimo and reiterated Wen Xiaonuan’s words, her attitude was very firm. Wen Xiaonuan called his younger brother, and he will call back one million tomorrow, and let him pay back the money owed first. Wen Xiaonuan looked at the photos taken at Ye Feimo’s house, and he still felt a lot unhappy in his heart. When watching a love movie, he seemed to think of himself, but it was sad and sad.

Ye Feimo was absent-minded at work. He learned from Gu Yunzhou that Wen Xiaonuan now lives at Yaohua artist Wang Jiayi and expressed his willingness to ask Ye Feimo about the situation. Gu Yunzhou went to the barber shop where Yaohua artists often went to do haircuts, and really met Wang Jiayi, disguised as a part-time hair stylist, and went to make hair for Wang Jiayi. It’s just that Gu Yunzhou doesn’t cut his hair at all, it’s totally fooling. He asked Wen Xiaonuan by knocking sideways, and almost made Wang Jiayi misunderstand that he was interested in Wen Xiaonuan.

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Gu Yunzhou quickly explained that because he was a driver of Li Dao, he had seen Ye Feimo a few times and did not like Wen Xiaonuan. In a simple job of cutting hair, Gu Yunzhou spent two hours not getting it right. He accidentally cut his fingers and bleed, and quickly carried his hands back to prevent Wang Jiayi from discovering.

The assistant heard that Wen Xiaonuan and Ye Feimo had broken up and moved out of the villa, telling Han Hui about it. Han Hui is very happy and is more convinced that Wen Xiaonuan is just Ye Feimo’s replacement. He is not the leader at all. Gu Yunzhou deliberately told Ye Feimo that Wang Jiayi had inquired that Wen Xiaonuan had someone he already liked, and also persuaded him to adjust himself in a timely manner, and stop drilling for horns.

Recently, Wen Xiaowen interviewed major film and television companies and received many interview invitations. However, she did not submit her resume to Anning Group. Wang Jiayi knew that her favorite is actually the most powerful Anning, because of Ye Feimo ’s relationship. Give up. Carrying Wen Xiaonuan, Wang Jiayi secretly delivered her resume to Anning for her.

Ye Feimu saw Wen Xiaonuan’s resume and was unhappy, immediately ordered Zhou Xiaojing to prepare the highest level s-level contract for Wen Xiaonuan, and ran to send the contract in person. Zhou Xiaojing was shocked. Ye Feimo held a contract to meet Wen Xiaonuan. Wen Xiaonuan was very surprised. It was obvious that Wang Jiayi should vote for him.

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Wen Xiaonuan apologized for not returning such a precious necklace to Ye Feimo, and thanked him for taking care of himself during this period, as well as his previous contract and getting paid, etc. After thanking him, Wen Xiaonuan He left without accepting the more generous newcomer contract thrown by Ye Feimo.

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