Girlfriend (2020) Episode 11 Recap

When Wen Xiaonuan came home and took the elevator, he met Ye Feimo. He thought he was entangled again and apologized for the last thing. But Ye Feimo laughed at herself and said that she also lives here. It’s her neighbor upstairs. Wen Xiaonuan returned to her home with Wang Jiayi and was surprised when she saw Gu Yunzhou. Gu Yunzhou was afraid that she would pierce her identity and rushed up to say hello to Wen Xiaonuan.

When eating hot pot, Wen Xiaonuan took the hot pot’s tribute pill, and Gu Yunzhou was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Gu Yunzhou was frightened and speechless. Wang Jiayi didn’t think much, and he was blank. Ye Feimo was drinking alone by himself upstairs, listening to Wen Xiaonuan and Wang Jiayi’s laughter downstairs, they couldn’t sit still. They said Wen Xiaonuan’s voice was too noisy and they saw a man in the house. The back is so angry.

Wen Xiaonuan closed the door directly, without taking care of Ye Feimo. Ye Feimo didn’t know that the man in Wen Xiaonuan’s house was Gu Yunzhou, and sent him a message to come here. Gu Yunzhou left for some reason. When seeing Gu Yunzhou, Ye Feimo proposed to hold a party. And now, the more people, the better. Gu Yunzhou does n’t understand what happened to him, so he has to help him prepare.

A group of people came down on a phone call. Ye Feimo made them all jump up, just like the nightclub Bingdi, and in the middle of the night, Wen Xiaonuan and Wang Jiayi couldn’t sleep at all. Wen Xiaonuan was intolerable and rushed upstairs in desperation to find Ye Feimo. Ye Feimo waited for Wen Xiaonuan to come and heard the knock on the door and opened the door immediately, dismissing these people. Wang Jiayi saw that Gu Yunzhou was also there, and left.

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Gu Yunzhou mistakenly thought that she had seen her identity, caught up and wanted to explain it, and said her identity. As a result, Wang Jiayi only regarded him as a part-time job, and Gu Yunzhou stopped the topic. Cheng Anya and Zhou Xiaojing talked about Wen Xiaonuan, and learned that Ye Feimo moved to Wen Xiaonuan’s house. After seeing her son finally coming out of the woman’s shadow, she was able to start a new relationship. Of course she was happy.

Jiang Fang called Han Hui’s assistant to discuss the cooperation. The assistant pretended that Han Hui had just returned and refused to cooperate. Jiang Fang knew that Han Fei came to Ye Feimo this time, and Ye Feimo wouldn’t sign her, and he began to think of a way to insert Han Fei completely between them. Debt grabbing Wen Xiaonuan’s younger brother went to Wen Xiaonuan, Wang Jiayi quickly sent a message to Gu Yunzhou, Gu Yunzhou quickly told Ye Feimo, and at this time Han Hui swaggered to the company to find Ye Feimo After receiving the text message, she ignored her and hurried away.

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