Girlfriend (2020) Episode 12 Recap

Ye Feimo drove Han Huiliang away, and Jiang Fang deliberately waited outside the Anning Group. After Ye Feimo left, he stepped up and chatted with Han Hui, inviting Han Hui to drink coffee nearby and discuss cooperation. Wen Xiaonuan has given Xiao Kai one million, but the landlord raised the price and raised the price again. Xiao Kai didn’t want to trouble her sister and borrowed a loan shark. If she didn’t repay the loan after the due date, the default penalty would be one million.

Ye Feimo and Gu Yunzhou rushed up and beat the debt that was looted by the fire, and paid off one million debts for Wen Xiaonuan. Xiao Kai saw Ye Feimo being so free and easy, protecting his sister so much, and shouted his brother-in-law with various mouths, boasting and flattering. He had seen Ye Feimo on TV and knew Ye Feimo ’s identity. Well, it’s not fun.

Ye Feimu paid off the debt for Wen Xiaonuan, Ye Feimu took this bar and asked Wen Xiaonuan how to pay it? Ye Feimo once again threw out the contract and said that as soon as the contract was signed, the money was cancelled in one lump sum. Wen Xiaonuan still refused to sign the contract. Ye Feimu was shameless. Now Wen Xiaonuan paid back the money and said that the reason why she signed her was that she thought she could help Anning earn more money. There was no overlord clause. potential.

Wen Xiaonuan looked at the contract and it was indeed very superior, and Ye Feimo promised that as long as she earned a million, she could freely terminate the contract. Wen Xiaonuan hesitated for a while and finally signed it. On the second day, Wen Xiaonuan was still sleeping and received a call from Zhou Xiaojing. At eight o’clock, the company was going to train and was late to deduct money. Wen Xiaonuan quickly got up and refused to leave Ye Feimo’s special car waiting downstairs. .

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Wen Xiaonuan was obviously not late. Ye Feimo was angry because of his heart. He had to find an excuse to deduct Wen Xiaonuan’s wages for half a day. Wen Xiaonuan is an s-class entertainer. Ye Feimo went to supervise the training in person, and he set a very hard dress code, let Wen Xiaonuan do it. In order to sign Han Hui, Jiang Fang invited him to drink coffee and gave him a high-end dress. Han Hui, who came and went, always planned for his acting career and invited him to dinner at night.

Ye Feimo always excuses to work outside the training room when he goes to work. He runs more than a dozen times a day. At night, Wen Xiaonuan’s training ends very late, and he has been waiting downstairs to pick up. High-heeled shoes also have to scan the shared bicycle and ride back. Ye Feimo drove the car and slowly followed behind, so Rao did, and Wen Xiaonuan was still in his car.

Ye Feimu offered all kinds of diligence, and also ordered the hot pot outside. Wen Xiaonuan took the company’s regulations to eat only specific nutritious meals, and also had a variety of work schedules set by Ye Feimu. . Ye Feimo raised his stone and smashed his foot, immediately called Zhou Xiaojing, indicating that the special training regulations were not perfect, and added a final interpretation right to the president’s office.

Wen Xiaonuan still had to send bedtime photos. In fact, they were all specially added by Ye Feimo to Zhou Xiaojing. The photos all went to Ye Feimo. In order to read more photos, they kept saying that they were unqualified.

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