Girlfriend (2020) Episode 13 Recap

Wen Xiaonuan got up early for half an hour and still didn’t call the car. Ye Feimo waited downstairs. This time he was urging her to train and save her late arrival, helping her occupy a shared bicycle. Wen Xiaonuan came back yesterday to ride a bicycle all the way, and then she had to be exhausted, only to lick her face and sit in Ye Feimo’s car. Ye Feimo parked the car directly at the door of the company. Wen Xiaonuan was worried about being seen and talked about and could not come out in the car. Finally, Ye Feimo ’s assistant drove the car for her personally. Colleagues saw it and felt more and more The relationship between Wen Xiaonuan and Mr. Ye is definitely not simple, maybe he is really a girlfriend.

Ye Feimo told Zhou Xiaojing that after a while, he took Wen Xiaonuan to the studio of the “Blue Sky Galaxy”, to let her feel for herself, what is the No. 1 female, and have s-class entertainers should have identity and quality. Originally, Li Can didn’t like someone visiting the class, Ye Feimo greeted him, and Zhou Xiaojing, an agent, brought Wen Xiaonuan into the studio smoothly.

Inspired by Wen Xiaonuan, the screenplay of “Blue Sky Galaxy” Ye Feimo added a melody of Huangmei Opera. Female No. 1 on the set was unable to sing, and was unable to shoot several pieces of Li Can. Apparently she has invited a special teacher to teach the actress, but she feels that the dubbing in the later stage is just fine, and she didn’t learn it at all. She can’t bear to sing. She is angry and says that she can find one that is better than her.

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Zhou Xiaojing had long seen Ye Feimo’s plan. He pushed the boat down the river and deliberately shouted that he could sing among the crowd, but he pushed Wen Xiaonuan out. Wen Xiao Nuan was embarrassed to see Wen Xiao Nuan under the eyes of all eyes. Li Can was also a little surprised to recognize Wen Xiao Nuan. Zhou Xiaojing quietly told Wen Xiao Nuan, as an S-class entertainer, to be vigilant at all times and seize the opportunity to adapt.

Wen Xiaonuan can only stand on her scalp. Li Chan and everyone on the scene are very satisfied with her singing. The female No. 1 was gone. Li Can planned to use Wen Xiao Nuan, but Wen Xiao Nuan used to play the small roles of playing soy sauce. Zhou Xiaojing didn’t hide at this time. He stood up to discuss with Li Can. Eventually, Li Can made a final decision to let Wen Xiaonuan’s trial play depend on her performance.

Gu Yunzhou and Wang Jiayi are now playing fiercely, and they are greeted with humiliation, and their relationship is advancing by leaps and bounds. Wen Xiaonuan read the script and found that it was just tailor-made for himself, thinking that it should be Ye Feimo, warm in heart. Wen Xiaonuan was a little unconfident. He felt that Li Can only looked at Ye Fei-mo’s face before using himself. He asked Li Can in private. Li Can said very clearly. He believed his eyes, not his name. Encourage Wen Xiaonuan to encourage him, and Wen Xiaonuan has a lot of confidence.

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Ye Feimo heard that company employees were sarcasm about Wen Xiaonuan, saying that she relied on the relationship, and it was hard to hear. Ye Feimo was angry, and went to Zhou Xiaojing, she had to plan a pilot film, packaging Wen Xiaonuan, no matter whether Wen Xiaonuan used to run the dragon or not, he has to find ways to improve his coffee. Zhou Xiaojing convened the planning department to discuss the setting of the pilot film, added a kiss scene, and also selected a lot of handsome actors. Ye Feimo saw it as a kiss scene, and he was jealous again. None of the actors was selected.

Cheng Anya, Zhou Xiaojing and Gu Yunzhou would never know Ye Feimo’s thoughts. Cheng Anya directly asked Ye Feimo to take the lead role in this pilot film. Ye Feimo borrowed a donkey from the slope to enjoy it. Wen Xiaonuan and Wang Jiayi participated in the event, Han Hui deliberately pushed to Wang Jiayi in order to show the c position, causing Wang Jiayi to hurt his foot. In the lounge, no one sneered at Han Hui and the female assistant, and Jiang Linger also came to find fault. Wen Xiaonuan called Gu Yunzhou and asked him to pick it up. Han Hui deliberately disclosed to Jiang Ling’er the fact that Wen Xiao Nuan became the heroine of “Blue Sky Galaxy”, which stimulated Jiang Ling’er’s hatred.

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