Girlfriend (2020) Episode 14 Recap

After Gu Yunzhou arrived, Wang Jiayi was directly picked up and taken to the hospital, but the slight sprain was not a big deal. Gu Yunzhou came in a hurry, came in Li Can’s car, and forgot to change clothes, wearing a brand-name suit, Wang Jiayi was a little puzzled, Gu Yunzhou quickly lied and said that he rented it, the car was borrowed, so as to confuse.

Ye Feimo heard from Gu Yunzhou that Wang Jiayi was wearing high heels. He ran to the mall and chose a pair of flat shoes for couples. He also lied to the waiter that it was bought for his parents. In order to be able to send the shoes out, Ye Feimo thought it was inappropriate to think of a bunch of opening remarks, and finally thought of a crooked idea. While waiting for the temperature to warm downstairs, a pile of water was poured at the door, causing Wen Xiaowen to The feet stepped on the water and the shoes were wet.

Ye Feimo just logically threw her high-heeled shoes, took her into the car, and forced Wen Xiaonuan to wear flat shoes with her own hands. Wen Xiaonuan asked if he bought the shoes specifically because of Wang Jiayi’s feet? Ye Fei’s mouth is not admitted by Xin Fei. Wen Xiaonuan wants Ye Feimo to park a short distance away from the company. He doesn’t want colleagues to see and discuss again.

Ye Feimo didn’t say anything, but finally stopped at a place with few people, and let Wen Xiaonuan get out of the car. After Wen Xiaonuan left, he opened the trunk and put on the men’s flat shoes. Zhou Xiaojing sent the company’s Xiaomei to Wen Xiaonuan as an assistant to take care of him personally. When shooting the lead film, Li Can casually said that the leading actor in the play was Anning, Wen Xiaonuan mistakenly thought that it was the most red ink Xiaobai in the moment, and she danced happily. That was her idol.

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Wen Xiaonuan quickly asked Xiaomei to prepare chewing gum and prepare for the upcoming kiss scene. She was so excited, but when the scene was filmed, she found out that it was Ye Feimo who was wearing the same couple flat shoes on her feet. All green. Jiang Fang got the news that Ye Feimu had acted as the protagonist of the promotional film in order for Wen Xiaonuan to come off the stage and told Han Hui that Han Hua exploded on hearing it, and he was too jealous.

Ye Feimu and Wen Xiaonuan were shooting kiss scenes. He was not a professional actor. He had never taken pictures. He was under the eyes of all eyes. He was not in a state at all. Wen Xiaonuan happily ran against him. kiss. Li Can quickly grabbed the camera and photographed this moment. After the post-production, the pilot film was soon launched worldwide, and the filming was very beautiful, and the response soared all the way.

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