Girlfriend (2020) Episode 15 Recap

Five minutes after the release of the pilot movie “Blue Sky Galaxy”, the number of on-demand broadcasts on each platform exceeded one million, setting a new record. It happened that the next day was Wen Xiaonuan ’s birthday. The colleagues of the company knew that Wen Xiaonuan ’s family had a party. Wen Xiaonian worried that Ye Feimo ’s living in her own house was exposed. Can’t find any reason, I can only agree. Zhou Xiaojing invited Ye Feimo to a party together. Ye Feimo said he would travel to Los Angeles tomorrow. Zhou Xiaojing told Wen Xiaonuan about Ye Feimo’s business trip.

Going home at night, Wen Xiaonuan and Wang Jiayi were busy all night, cleaning the house clean and preparing to meet the colleagues the next day. Ye Feimo also made a handcraft at home for one night. He wanted to make a greeting card for Wen Xiaonuan as a gift, but he was not satisfied with many of them. He immediately called Maggie and asked her to buy a bunch of flowers for herself.

The next day, Ye Feimo didn’t come to work, Wen Xiaonuan thought he was really happy on a business trip. In the evening, many colleagues played at Wen Xiaonuan’s house, Ye Feimo appeared with flowers, and everyone became nervous as soon as they saw him. After drinking the wine, some colleagues asked Wen Xiaonuan and Ye Feimu about their relationship. Wen Xiaonuan couldn’t argue, and Ye Feimu helped her out in time.

According to the analysis of big data, the launch of the pilot film was very successful. All the data exceeded the standard set by Ye Feimo for Wen Xiaonuan. The company agreed to starring Wen Xiaonuan in the heroine of “Blue Sky Galaxy”. Everyone wants to take advantage of the heat and continue to release a lot of promotional videos for Wen Xiaonuan to keep the heat. Ye Feimo made the opposite opinion. He suggested that the energy should be put into the production of the film without consuming the public’s good impression of the film and Wen Xiaonuan.

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Yaohua Group also has a stake in the “Blue Sky Galaxy” project. Jiang Ling’er is very dissatisfied with Wen Xiaonuan’s appearance in the female one. She is ready to be a stalk from her. She privately invited the male lead of “Blue Sky Galaxy” to meet and provoke the male lead. In relation to An Ning Culture, the reason why Ye Feimo wanted to appear in the film’s lead film was that he was dissatisfied with the male character’s appearance.

Wang Jiayi went to audition for Anning Culture. Wen Xiaonuan could not hide Gu Yunzhou’s identity, and took the opportunity to tell Wang Jiayi that Gu Yunzhou was the vice president of Anning Culture. Wang Jiayi said that she had known it for a long time. She did not debunk it because she wanted Gu Yunzhou to admit it personally. When going downstairs after the audition, Wang Jiayi happened to meet Gu Yunzhou. Gu Yunzhou pretended to be the company’s security guard in anxiety, and Wang Jiayi continued to uncover it. Gu Yunzhou invited Wang Jiayi to have dinner together. Wang Jiayi said that the most important thing as a friend is sincerity. He wanted to guide Gu Yunzhou to tell the truth. Gu Yunzhou was afraid that his identity would cause Wang Jiayi’s disgust, and still did not reveal his identity. Wang Jiayi left in disappointment.

Ye Feimo assigned Wen Xiaonuan, the company’s best stylist and makeup artist, to prepare to cultivate Wen Xiaonuan with great efforts. Han Hui also saw the leading film of “Blue Sky” on the Internet. She was very angry. It happened that Jiang Fang had been chasing her about cooperation. She had the idea of ​​cooperating with Yaohua Group.

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The host of “Blue Sky Galaxy” did not discuss with the director’s group, and issued a statement directly to announce the strike. Han Hui privately contacted Jiang Fang to let Jiang Fang contribute to this incident. As long as she can appear in the female number one in “Blue Sky Galaxy”, she will consider cooperating with Yaohua Group. Jiang Fang admitted his relationship with Wen Xiaonuan. He was worried that Wen Xiaonuan was used by Ye Feimu and would not be able to bear such consequences. Therefore, he always wanted to replace Wen Xiaonuan, and Han Hui also revealed that Ye Feimu The heart, the two formally reached a cooperation, the purpose is to dismantle Wen Xiaonuan and Ye Feimo together.

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