Girlfriend (2020) Episode 16 Recap

With the help of Jiang Fang, the strike of the protagonist of “Blue Sky Galaxy” became more and more widespread on the Internet, and the stock of Anning Culture plummeted. Wen Xiaonuan thought it was because of her own reasons that the male protagonist went on strike. Can only train frantically to improve his business ability, Zhou Xiaojing was very reluctant to watch, forcibly sent her home to rest. Downstairs at home, Jiang Fang was waiting for Xiao Nuan. Jiang Fang persuaded Wen Xiaonuan to withdraw from the “Blue Falling Galaxy” and to quit the whirlpool of public opinion, far away from Ye Feimo.

He said that Ye Feimu is only on a whim for Wen Xiaonuan and will give up her sooner or later. Jiang Fang claimed that only he cares about Wen Xiaonuan most, and can only protect Wen Xiaonuan himself, but he has never really understood Wen Xiaonuan, nor does he know what Wen Xiaonuan wants. Wen Xiaonuan is really unable to withstand such a big pressure, and Wang Jiayi also persuaded her to give up if she can’t stand it, but she refuses, she is not willing to live up to Ye Feimo, Li Can, Zhou Xiaojing and others Cultivation and expectations. The conversations between Wen Xiaonuan and Wang Jiayi were heard by Ye Feimo.

Ye Feimo let Li Can continue to prepare for the filming of the film, he decided to do something about the actor. Jiang Fang also asked Ye Feimo to meet in the boxing hall, and used the Yaohua Group to put pressure on Ye Feimo to let him replace Wen Xiaonuan and change to a more famous female star to be the female one. Ye Feimo said that Wen Xiaonuan can be replaced, but only if the production team is replaced, including Yaohua Group should also withdraw.

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Jiang Fang was reluctant to give up the previous investment, saying that Wen Xiaonuan can play the female second, and the female lead must be Han Hui. Ye Feimu couldn’t bear Jiang Fang to look down on Wen Xiaonuan so much. He beat Jiang Fang hard and gave a call to An Ning, his brother Mo Xiaobai, to let him return to China to play the protagonist of “Bi Luo Yin He”. Jiang Fang could not convince Ye Feimo that he could only call Han Hui to let Han Fei persuade Ye Feimo to change his mind. Han Hui always thought that Ye Feimo was angry with herself, so she let Wen Xiaonuan humiliate herself as a substitute. She prepared to take the initiative to attack Ye Feimo on a step, and then the two could rebuild.

Wen Xiaonuan is still working hard every day on the training that exceeds the body load, hoping to practice basic skills. In terms of strength, Zhou Xiaojing can not persuade her to use it. Ye Feimu not only did not stop this, but said that as an artist, this is the pressure she has to bear. Now she is devoted to studying basic skills, which may be more conducive to her relaxation. Compared to Han Hui, Ye Feimo has matured a lot with Wen Xiaonuan’s feelings. Zhou Xiaojing sees in her eyes, she asks whether Ye Feimo regards Wen Xiaonuan as Han Hui’s substitute. Ye Feimo both Did not admit nor deny.

Wen Xiaonuan did not return home after training in the company for one night. Ye Feimo arrived at the company early in the morning. Wen Xiao Nuan was exhausted and fainted. Ye Feimo quickly sent her home and asked the doctor to go home to treat her. Gu Yunzhou accompanied Ye Feimo to Wen Xiaonuan’s house, and seeing that Wen Xiaonuan was sick, Ye Feimu was nervous. Gu Yunzhou also asked Ye Feimo whether he regarded Wen Xiaonuan as a substitute for Han Hui or Wen Xiaonuan himself. Ye Feimo thinks about it carefully.

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Wen Xiaonuan is different from Han Hui, and he is by no means a substitute for Han Hui. Ye Feimo clearly knows that everything Wen Xiaonuan is enduring now is caused by himself. He wants to find out why the hero of “Blue Falling Galaxy” is on strike. Ye Feimo found out that Han Hui deliberately encouraged Jiang Ling’er, and Jiang Ling’er secretly met with the male lead, leading to the strike. Gu Yunzhou took the opportunity to confess his true identity to Wang Jiayi. Wang Jiayi refused to forgive him. She had given many opportunities, but Gu Yunzhou didn’t catch it.

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