Girlfriend (2020) Episode 17 Recap

Gu Yunzhou brought Wang Jiayi to his secret garden. This was the first time he brought someone here. Gu Yunzhou said that although he had a superior living environment from an early age, the responsibilities on his shoulders were also very difficult. Whenever he was stressed, he came to the secret garden to relax. Now he is willing to show his side to Wang Jiayi. Gu Yunzhou confessed to Wang Jiayi affectionately, Wang Jiayi was moved, she agreed to be Gu Yunzhou’s girlfriend.

After sleeping for a long time, Wen Xiaonuan woke up, and Ye Feimo carefully asked her to prepare brown sugar water. After eating something, Wen Xiaonuan’s hypoglycemia was better. Wen Xiaonuan still blames herself. She always thinks it is her own reason that led to the actor’s strike. Ye Feimu couldn’t bear to see Wen Xiaonuan uncomfortable. He said that an international film actor had already promised to play the leading role and let Wen Xiaonuan do his job well. Although Wen Xiaonuan thought that Ye Feimo was lying to lie to herself, in order not to worry Ye Feimo, she still smiled.

After leaving from Wen Xiaonuan’s house, Ye Feimo took the initiative to call Han Hui to make an appointment. Han Hui went to the meeting happily. She thought Ye Feimo was reconciling with herself. Han Hui said that she now has the right to choose, and she will no longer easily give up her relationship with Ye Feimo. She is also willing to help unconditionally with regard to the project of “Blue Sky Galaxy”. Ye Feimo relentlessly produced the evidence and exposed the fact that Han Hui encouraged Jiang Ling’er to destroy the project. Han Hui did not admit that she insisted that she was just chatting with Jiang Ling’er’s girlfriends, not instigating her to do anything. Ye Feimo just smiled. He said that he was just the executor of the “Blue Sky Galaxy” project. All his decision was made by his mother Cheng Anya Cheng. If Han Hui had any ideas, he could directly contact Mr. Cheng. After Ye Feimu left, Han Hui could not help Cheng always have an opinion on her, and called her directly to make an appointment to talk about the “Blue Sky Galaxy” project. Mr. Cheng was buying clothes when he received the call. She promised Han Hui to meet the next night. After hanging up, she picked up a piece of clothing and said she wanted to buy it for her daughter-in-law.

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Cheng’s clothes were picked for Wen Xiaonuan. She wanted to bring Wen Xiaonuan to meet Han Hui. The next day, under President Cheng’s arrangement, Zhou Xiaojing had a special training session with Wen Xiaonuan to help her try on clothes and arrange styling and makeup. Han Hui is also carefully styling and choosing clothes, intending to win Cheng Zong in one fell swoop, and at the same time won the “Blue Sky Galaxy” project.

Zhou Xiaojing brought Wen Xiaonuan downstairs to the hotel and told her that it was Cheng who always invited her to dinner, and Han Hui would also come. Han Hui came for the heroine of “Blue Sky Galaxy” and she let Wen Xiaonuan take it out The hostess’ posture made Han Hui retreat. Han Hui’s position in the circle is obvious. Wen Xiaonuan retired a little. She thought that she was not as good as Han Hui. Zhou Xiaojing said her fiercely. With the encouragement of Zhou Xiaojing, Wen Xiaonuan finally summoned up the courage and decided to fight this battle well, so that everyone who looked down on her would look at her from now on. After sending Wen Xiaonuan to the place, Zhou Xiaojing called Ye Feimu about Cheng Xiaowen’s meeting with Han Hui. Ye Feimu was very anxious. He didn’t want Wen Xiaonuan to face such a situation directly.

Han Hui arrived at the hotel restaurant according to the agreed time, and also carefully brought a diamond brooch as a gift to Mr. Cheng. President Cheng opened the gift on the spot and said that he is not suitable for wearing diamonds. He also gave this brooch to Wen Xiaonuan. In front of Han Hui, Mr. Cheng said that Wen Xiaonuan was Ye Feimo’s fiancee. He loved and admired Wen Xiaonuan in all his speeches. Han Hui was afraid to speak out. Wen Xiaonuan also didn’t understand the intention of Mr. Cheng, he could only explain it vigorously.

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