Girlfriend (2020) Episode 18 Recap

Zhou Xiaojing and Cheng always sang one harmoniously and said how much Ye Feimo treated Wen Xiaonuan. Han Hui stopped her. She said she had something to talk with President Cheng Dan, and wanted Wen Xiaonuan and Zhou Xiaojing to avoid it. Wen Xiaonuan just wanted to leave, and President Cheng and Zhou Xiaojing stopped her. In the face of Wen Xiaonuan, Han Hui said that Ye Feimo loves herself from beginning to end. Listening to Han Hui generously speaking about his relationship with Ye Feimo, Wen Xiaonuan’s heart flooded with a sour feeling. Cheng always disregarded Han Hui’s face, and told Han Hui to stop tangling Ye Feimo. Ye Feimu was with her because she didn’t understand feelings. Now Wen Xiaonuan is true love.

Han Hui still continues to fight, she claims to be the first choice for the heroine of “Blue Sky Galaxy” with her current box office appeal. Speaking of the casting of the movie, President Cheng said that the director of the play is Li Can. Li Can has always been accustomed to casting, and will not accept anyone’s suggestions. Looking at the cross between Han Hui and President Cheng, and Zhou Xiaojing, Wen Xiaonuan found a reason to interrupt in time, saying that he was hungry and wanted to eat. President Cheng also took the opportunity to stop the attack on Han Hui and said that he would eat well with his daughter-in-law. Han Huiqi left directly. President Cheng also asked Wen Xiaonuan to leave first. She and Zhou Xiaojing had something to say.

Wen Xiaonuan waited for Zhou Xiaojing in the parking lot, and happened to meet Han Hui who went downstairs first. Seeing Wen Xiaonuan take the brooch she gave to President Cheng, Han Hui was not good. She had wanted to humiliate Wen Xiaonuan, accusing Wen Xiaonuan of having different appearances, and the appearance of being soft to deceive President Cheng. Actually On the contrary, Wen Xiaonuan concealed his ambitions, but Wen Xiaonuan was not willing to show his weakness. This scene was heard by Ye Feimo in the car not far away. Ye Feimo has been unable to contact Mr. Cheng, and hurried to the dining place to see what happened. I just encountered this scene when I arrived at the parking lot. .

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The scene of the confrontation between Wen Xiaonuan and Han Hui was also seen by Cheng Zonghe and Zhou Xiaojing. Wen Xiaonuan was soft and tough, with tenacity and vigour. Cheng was more satisfied with her. She immediately called Ye Feimo and once again admitted After this daughter-in-law, Ye Feimo must grasp it. Ye Feimo drove Wen Xiaonuan home, and on the way he wanted to explain his relationship with Han Hui, but Wen Xiaonuan was hesitantly passed by.

Han Hui was frustrated in Mr. Cheng and went to the bar to drink. This bar is a place where she used to come to Ye Feimo frequently. Jiang Fang came to the bar to find her and continued to give her ideas. He felt that they might have been in the wrong direction. Only Han Hui entered the Ye family, and he was sure to stop Wen Xiaonuan’s way forward and cut Ye Feimo Back road. Inspired by Jiang Fang, Han Hui pretended to be drunk at the bar and asked the waiter to call Ye Feimo to pick himself up. Ye Feimo arrived at the bar, and Han Hui saw someone in the distance photographing himself, deliberately very close to Ye Feimo’s manner, and wanted to kiss him, but Ye Feimo gave up in time. Han Hui had no place to go, but Ye Feimo could only take her home. Ye Feimo was in love with Han Hui by hiding her identity. Han Hui worked hard as a new actress. Ye Feimo also wanted to reveal her identity to her, secretly let Zhou Xiaojing talk to her about the project of “Blue Sky Galaxy”.

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In order to test Han Hui, Mr. Cheng also found a fake American director and said that he would invite Han Hui to develop in the United States. Han Hui, who was determined to stand out, finally gave up his relationship with Ye Feimo, gave up the project of “Blue Sky” and went abroad. When he went abroad, Han Hui discovered that everything was a scam, but with her own efforts, Han Hui developed well abroad, but Ye Feimo became her constant regret, so she returned to China and wanted to start again. Ye Feimo’s feelings. Han Fei’s departure was indeed a great blow to Ye Feimo, but he has now come out. After Ye Feimo brought Han Hui home, she just arranged her in the guest room and locked the door of her room. She decided not to have any relationship with Han Hui.

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