Girlfriend (2020) Episode 2 Recap

Wen Xiaonuan doesn’t remember the thing of kissing and playing Ye Feimo after getting drunk. Ye Feimo only came to see her when she saw her advertisement for tracing notice, and complained that she only came now. Wen Xiaonuan was a bit baffled. With a question mark on his face, Ye Feimo explained the tracing issue. Wen Xiaonuan had seen it before, because he did n’t remember what happened that night, so naturally he did n’t feel anything about himself. relationship.

Zhou Xiaojing delivered something to Ye Feimo, and met Ye Feimo and Wen Xiaonuan for a long time, quite ambiguously, and he walked away teasingly, and went back and reported the matter to Cheng Anya. In my heart, as long as my son no longer has a relationship with Han Hui. Ye Feimo let Wen Xiaonuan take off her clothes. She wanted to see if there was a butterfly birthmark on her shoulder. Wen Xiaonuan was frightened and frightened. She quickly explained that she was a nurse, not that kind of person, and refused to take off.

Wen Xiaonuan is not a nurse at all. He doesn’t use blood pressure measurement and makes mistakes, or Ye Feimo reminds her to put it wrong. It is a fake to see Wen Xiaonuan. It must be a trick from his mother. Nuan blasted out of the house. Wen Xiaonuan can only call Zhou Xiaojing. Zhou Xiaojing asked her to find a way to go in again. The owner of the house is Ms. Cheng Anya, not Ye Feimo.

Wen Xiaonuan didn’t know the secret of entering the house, he had a plan to take out the foundation and put it on the button, tried out the password. When he saw the express delivery, he lay in his suitcase and thought of entering Ye by express. The house of Fei Mo was discovered by the security guard and pulled to the guard house. In order not to let the security guards blast him out, Wen Xiaonuan cried twice, made troubles, and lied that he was Ye Feimo ’s ex-wife. He cheated the help of the security guard, borrowed a ladder, and climbed to Ye Feimo ’s house.

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Ye Feimo was very disgusted with his mother Cheng Anya’s unwillingness to arrange women close to her one after another, but still asked the security to send Wen Xiaonuan away. It was raining on the way back, and Wen Xiaonuan could only hold the bag with pity, and went alone to take a taxi. The Huangmei Drama Troupe is the hard work of the grandfather and father and mother for a lifetime. It needs one million yuan. Wen Xiaonuan is only an 18th line that does not enter the stream. I do n’t know what year and month to earn enough, but she is not willing to give up. He avenged himself generously, bent back and tried again, but at the door she was cowardly again, turned frustratedly, pushed the luggage and turned back again.

Jiang Fang is now relying on Jiang Ling’er to become Yaohua’s production director. Jiang Ling’er accompanied him to buy a suite here. Jiang Fang drove to the garage and ran into Wen Xiao Nuan, who had lost his soul. If it wasn’t for Wen Xiaonian to break through him, Jiang Ling’er, he didn’t want to break up. When he could get ahead by relying on his obscure work, let Wen Xiaonuan understand himself and give him a while.

Jiang Linger called Jiang Fang, and Jiang Fang could only leave Wen Xiaonuan away. Ye Feimo saw all the scenes on the surveillance site. After Jiang Fang left, he went to Wen Xiaonuan, but the person was gone. He was a little worried in his heart. He hesitated or went home to rest. Early the next morning, Ye Feimo found Wen Xiaonuan fainted at the door. She was caught in the rain all night and started to burn. She quickly took her into the house to take care of her.

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