Girlfriend (2020) Episode 4 Recap

Gu Yunzhou came to see Ye Feimu. When Wen Xiaonuan made coffee, he saw Gu Yunzhou even tipped his orchid finger coffee. When he was surprised, he overturned the coffee and sprinkled Ye Feimu. His angry Ye Feimu face was black. Gu Yunzhou saw that Ye Feimo and Wen Xiaonuan were getting along well, privately ridiculed ridicule, standing a little close, let Wen Xiaonun misunderstand that the relationship between them was not pure, and suspected that Ye Feimo was bent.

Miss Wen feels that she has discovered a terrifying secret. No wonder Ye Feimo has no feeling for such a lovely girl. In order to verify, she bought a set of men’s clothing online and dressed up aggressively to poke Ye Feimo. Ye Feimu heard Wen Xiaonuan call her husband, reminded herself of the girl who saved herself, and asked Wen Xiaonuan to repeat the word “sir” back and forth, and pulled Wen Xiaonuan to herself. In her arms, Wen Xiaonuan panicked when she wanted to kiss her, and immediately ran away in panic.

Jiang Fang is now the new production director of Yaohua. He wants to secure his position. He contacted Ye Feimo and proposed cooperation. He wants to join the newly prepared film script project of Anning Group. Ye Feimo knew that Jiang Fang had dumped Wen Xiaonuan ’s ex-boyfriend and promised to discuss with the video. He was only given two minutes, and he deliberately sent Wen Xiaonuan, who was cleaning, to send her to the living room, and then shut down The screen allows Jiang Fang to see him flick Wen Xiaonuan.

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Jiang Fang saw in the video that Wen Xiaonuan was actually at Ye Feimo’s house, and was anxious and angry, just across the screen, and was turned off by Ye Feimu’s voice. Wen Xiaonuan didn’t know why Ye Feimu was gentle to himself suddenly. What do you want to do. Jiang Fang was restless and went to see Lin Zheng in private. He was inserted into the Anning Group by Yaohua An. The previous movie leak was Lin Zheng ’s. Ye Feimo and Gu Yunzhou had long suspected that he was in private. Here is guarding him.

Jiang Fang asked Lin Zheng to investigate what happened to Wen Xiaonuan. Gu Yunzhou had a good opinion of Wang Jiayi, who was close to her last time, and she checked it in private. She learned that she was a Yaohua artist, and she won a Best Newcomer Award not long ago. Lin Zheng found an excuse to send documents to Ye Feimo’s house. When he met Wen Xiaonuan, he went to talk and learned that Wen Xiaonuan was Ye Feimo’s personal care.

Ye Feimo saw that Lin Zheng’s vision had been glancing at Wen Xiaonuan’s body, deliberately pulling Wen Xiaonuan’s warm and gentle show of affection, making Lin Zheng misunderstand. After Lin Zheng left, he reported this to Jiang Fang, and felt that their relationship was not simple and very ambiguous. Jiang Linger saw Jiang Fang’s uneasiness in the past few days, and asked someone to check Wen Xiaonuan.

Wen Xiaonuan made a table of delicious dishes, and it was very tasty. Ye Fei Mo Fei said it was unpalatable. He also sent Wen Xiaonuan out, and he wiped out all the food by himself. fall down. Waiting for Wen Xiaonuan to come back and see the light plate, he heard that Ye Feimu had collapsed and would not get angry. Ye Feimo washed, Wen Xiaonuan answered his phone, Cheng Anya did not indicate his identity, but also made Wen Xiaonun misunderstand that she was Ye Feimo’s first love, and caught Ye Feimo’s problems.

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It happened that Ye Feimo heard that behind the temperature of Xiaonuan, he said bad things to others, but before answering the phone without permission, Wen Xiaonuan left again.

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