Girlfriend (2020) Episode 5 Recap

Wen Xiaonuan refused to leave. Ye Feimu felt uncomfortable because he ate too much today, and Wen Xiaonuan panicked at once. He quickly called the doctor. The doctor saw gastroenteritis caused by overeating and asked Wen Xiaonuan to pay attention to his diet. Wen Xiaonuan took care of Ye Feimo who was asleep, and also teased his girlfriend Wang Jiayi. The sleeping Ye Feimu was not troublesome and was very good. He accidentally saw the trash can and found that there were no leftovers left. Fei Mo did not dump the food he cooked, but ate it all by himself, which caused gastroenteritis.

Anning Group was about to change Jiang Ling’er. Jiang Linger learned that he had retaliated with Ye Feimu because he had beaten Wen Xiaonuan. This little Nizi was quite capable, and even lived in Ye Feimu’s house. If he is not angry, he feels that Wen Xiaonuan is also a tempting green tea bitch. Jiang Fang learned that Jiang Ling’er had beaten Wen Xiaonuan, and his face looked a little unpleasant. With excitement, he asked Jiang Linger’s meaning, which made Jiang Linger very uncomfortable, and launched a complaint. Jiang Fang immediately coaxed her to happy.

Ye Feimo has been relaxing at home because of his physical discomfort. He took Wen Xiaonuan to accompany himself to watch the movie “The Cowboy and the Weaver Girl”. Wen Xiaonuan watched the film and wept bitterly because of the love and emotion in it. Ye Feimo looked at Wen Xiaonuan, who was in tears, and thought of the girl who had saved herself, and took out the brooch he picked up and gave it back to Wen Xiaonuan.

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Wen Xiaonuan saw the brooch and realized that Ye Feimo was looking for herself in the advertisement that day, and mistakenly thought that Ye Feimo was looking for herself to return the brooch. Ye Feimo was looking for the girl who saved herself. Wen Xiaonuan took the brooch that had not been sent out, and was about to throw it away, ending this relationship completely, and he met Jiang Fang again.

Jiang Fang specially came to Wen Xiaonuan, feeling that Wen Xiaonuan was willing to fall for the sake of a broken drama troupe, and Ye Feimo was on the list. There was some excitement between words, and he also begged Wen Xiaonuan to forgive himself. Wen Xiaonuan did not accept it. This time it was clear that Jiang Fang was true. After so many years together, he didn’t understand who he was and threw the brooch. Someone secretly stared at Jiang Fang and filmed Jiang Fang’s entanglement with Wen Xiaonuan.

Wen Xiaonuan met Cheng Anya when he went to the supermarket to buy things. Cheng Anya was very satisfied with Wen Xiaonuan and did not reveal his identity. He also sent Wen Xiaonuan back home. Wen Xiaonuan was surprised and panicked to learn about Cheng Anya’s identity. Cheng Anya also explained many things and told her to take good care of Ye Feimo.

Jiang Ling’er was the one looking for Jiang Fang. She didn’t worry about Jiang Fang. When she saw the photos, she transferred all her hatred to Wen Xiaonuan. Ye Feimo’s temper is not good for eating, but Wen Xiaonuan thought he had an upset stomach and left a note to buy medicine at a nearby pharmacy. In retaliation, Jiang Linger arranged for someone to follow Wen Xiaonuan and let him give Wen Xiaonuan a lesson.

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On the way back, Wen Xiaonuan found someone to follow, and quickly called Ye Feimo. Ye Feimo was worried about her. She immediately ran out to find and kicked the tracker far away.

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