Girlfriend (2020) Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Ling’er found someone to start with Wen Xiaonuan, which was unsuccessful, but she was not afraid of Ye Feimo and did not plan to let go and question Jiang Fang. Jiang Fang admitted that he had seen Wen Xiaonuan before, because it was just to check Ye Feimo’s work. Jiang Linger reminded Jiang Fang that he hoped to be together, so that he would n’t think about Wen Xiaonuan again, if she found that there was What kind of deception is not so easy to talk about.

Ye Feimo rescued Wen Xiaonuan when he was in crisis. Wen Xiaonuan was very moved. Ye Feimo was a little uncomfortable because of the rain. Jiang Fang originally wanted to cooperate with Ye Feimo and participate in the film project together, but Ye Feimo’s conditions were very harsh. Obviously, he did not intend to give Jiang Fang an opportunity or give Yaohua face.

Now there is Wen Xiaonuan in the middle, Jiang is unavoidably hateful, so he wants to come up with a vicious trick, and put his idea on the script of the movie, let Lin Zheng find a way to steal the script, and then Yaohua will register first, and the chess piece is Wen. Little warm. Gu Yunzhou took Lin Zheng and took Lin Zheng to find Ye Feimu. When discussing the script, Lin Zheng’s eyes had been wandering around the script, and his thoughts were obvious.

The film project progressed very smoothly. Ye Feimo read the script and felt that there was a little less soul. The two also talked about Lin Zheng. The plan was to wait for Lin Zheng to act according to the plan whenever he did something. Ye Feimo talked with Wen Xiaonuan, Wen Xiaonuan talked about his family, his parents died early, he grew up in the theater company, he also came to a scene of Huangmei.

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Ye Feimo looked at Wen Xiaonuan’s singing voice and smiled suddenly, and suddenly came to inspiration. If Huang Mei was put in the movie, it seemed pretty good. Ye Feimo thanked Wen Xiaonuan. The gentle appearance made Wen Xiaonen suddenly miss a beat. He shyly hid back into the room and received a text message from Zhou Xiaojing. The deadline had reached the last day and asked her how she was going.

Looking at the time, Wen Xiaonuan was a little frustrated, and felt that this time passed too fast, a little bit reluctant. The contract is fifteen days, which is to accompany Ye Feimo as a girlfriend to the reception. She has not mentioned Ye Feimo to this day. Wen Xiaonuan hesitated, how to speak.

Jiang Fang has always sent someone to monitor Ye Feimo, waiting for Ye Feimo to go to work in the company. He called Lin Zheng and asked him to act. Lin Zheng contacted Wen Xiaonuan and lied that Mr. Ye had forgotten to take the script. He took it. Wen Xiaonuan called Ye Feimo about the script, but Ye Feimo was busy with the meeting and did not answer.

Wen Xiaonuan didn’t make a call, and Lin Zheng was in a hurry, so he didn’t think about it and gave the script to Lin Zheng. Gu Yunzhou has been staring at Lin Zheng ’s every move in the dark, calling Ye Feimo to report the matter. He has taken it away, and he has figured out that it was Yaohua ’s ghost. He also mentioned Wen Xiaonuan. Script. Ye Feimo’s expression is a little strange.

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Ye Feimo invited Wen Xiaonuan to dinner, Wen Xiaonuan thought about taking the opportunity to talk about the contract, and allowed her to accompany him to the reception. Before she could say it, she received headlines on her mobile phone and Yaohua snapped up the script. Wen Xiaonuan took a look at how the script she had just given to Lin Zheng became Yaohua, or Jiang Fang was the person in charge, and he could not care about the meal in a hurry. He asked Jiang Fang to ask him what was going on.

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