Girlfriend (2020) Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Fang squatted the copyright of the script of “Blue Sky Galaxy” he got, and gave this gift to Jiang Linger. Jiang Linger praised Jiang Fang for his ability, and the two celebrated with red wine. Wen Xiaonuan came angrily, saw the script and copyright certificate on the table, and asked why Jiang Fang had the script? Thinking of Lin Zheng again, Jiang Fang actually colluded with Lin Zheng, and Tuanyun used this kind of tactics.

Jiang Ling’er yelled at Wen Xiaonuan. When he came to Ye Feimo, he was still thinking about Jiang Fang. Then he thought about playing Wen Xiaonuan’s lesson. Ye Feimo came and knocked Jiang Linger’s hand off. Protect Wen Xiaonuan in front. Ye Feimo directly took out the photos of Jiang Fang and Lin Zheng ’s secret talks. This is a bureau. The script is fake. Now that the evidence is in hand, as long as he sues, Jiang Fang will not only lose his reputation, but Yaohua will also be troubled.

Ye Feimo used this to force Jiang Fang and Jiang Ling’er to agree. After the new movie was released, Yaohua Film and Television had to arrange a 100% screening rate and had to give up the first week’s box office for publicity, otherwise it would be a lawyer’s letter. Ye Feimo pulled Wen Xiaonuan away, and Wen Xiaoneng was angry that Ye Feimu also used himself, and what was the difference with Jiang Fang.

Ye Feimo feels that Wen Xiaonuan is making trouble for no reason. It is Jiang Fangxian’s rudeness. He just returns his own way with his own way. How can it be the same? Wen Xiaonuan was a little irritable, unwilling to say more, and admitted that he was the task arranged by Ms. Cheng Anya, which made Ye Feimo a little angry. Was he the task?

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Would Jiang Fang be willing to be put together by Ye Feimo? Now that the news is released, he cannot let the outside world know the means he used and persuade Jiang Ling’er to stabilize Yaohua first. He will talk to President Jiang as long as he can After signing Han Hui, even if there is no “Blue Sky Galaxy”, Anning can be taken down the status of the industry altar.

Wen Xiaonuan received a call from his brother and learned that the landlord had removed all the valuable things from the troupe. Apart from self-blame and helplessness, all that remained was sadness and powerlessness. After Ye Feimo went home, he saw that Wen Xiaonuan did not come back. No one answered her phone. She could only give Zhou Xiaojing the address and rush over to find it.

The original residence was empty. Ye Feimo was very anxious, remembering that Wen Xiaonuan had said that she liked to go to the fountain park and hurriedly went there to find it. Sure enough, she found Wen Xiaonuan sitting on the stairs in a daze. Ye Feimo used the contract as an excuse to find a professional team for Wen Xiaonuan, carefully dressed up, and selected a set of high-definition dresses. This suit was already booked by others, but Ye Feimo could not help but buy it directly. Too.

Ye Feimo brought Wen Xiaonuan to the reception, and also wore her family’s heirloom necklace “Tear of Roses” to her, and the dress she wore was ordered by Han Hui. Ye Feimo told Wen Xiaonuan to cooperate well with the acting, and he could not embarrass himself with his momentum, and he would get a commission after tonight. When Ye Feimo and Wen Xiaonuan appeared at the reception, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

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Both Gu Yunzhou and Zhou Xiaojing were very surprised that Ye Feimo was willing to wear “Tear of Roses” to Wen Xiaonuan. Cheng Anya couldn’t be more happy. Anyway, in her eyes, as long as it wasn’t Han Hua, he could finish Han Hua. Degassing.

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