Girlfriend (2020) Episode 8 Recap

The main party at the reception tonight is Han Hui, who is returning home, and is also her feast for the wind. At the reception, Wen Xiaonuan saw a lot of big heads with faces and faces in the circle, but he was not happy, and Han Hui was also an idol in her mind. Seeing the gorgeous Han Hui in her heart, she was more excited and chatted with her girlfriend Wang Jiayi The task I received was to be Ye Feimo’s female companion, and I could go home when I got paid.

There is a young man named Xiao Xu who talks to Wang Jiayi. When he shakes hands, he doesn’t want to let go when he commits a nympho, and Wang Jiayi is very disgusted. He excuses him and does not give him face. Han Hui proudly posed, looking cold and proud, seeing Wen Feiwen standing next to Ye Feimo, and asking his assistant Wen Xiaonuan’s identity. The assistant didn’t take Wen Xiaonuan’s heart in mind, only ridiculed that he was an inexorable newcomer to the dragon suit, and it was the female companion Ye Feimo brought tonight.

CEOs of other companies came to find Ye Feimo and talked to Wen Wennuan. They asked Ye Feimo very frivolously between words. If Wen Xiaonen was to be her female companion, she would pull Tugging, Ye Feimo’s face was directly black. He twisted the boss’s hand and announced that Wen Xiaonuan was his fiancee. He even dared to touch his own woman.

All the people present at the meeting heard it, everyone was surprised, and there was a lot of discussion. Han Hui heard the word fiancee. If he was struck by lightning, he stepped back a few steps, and his face was unbelievable. Li Can and Gu Yunzhou chatted about Wen Xiaonuan. He saw that Wen Xiaonuan looked a bit like Han Hui. He felt that Ye Feimu was unforgettable about Han Hui. He deliberately embarrassed Han Hui, so he found it like this. A female partner?

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Jiang Fang also attended the reception, and picked up the brooch Wen Xiaonuan had discarded. Don’t put it on his suit. Wen Xiaonuan saw the brooch, and his heart was mixed. Ye Feimu blocked Wen Xiaonuan’s shoulders to let her cooperate with the acting. He also saw the brooch on Jiang Fang’s clothes, and he was very interested.

Wen Xiaonuan secretly left Ye Feimo to taste wine next to him, and Han Hui walked away. Wen Xiaonuan turned his head to see the idol Han Hui, surprised and frightened, accidentally fell down, Han Hui gently extended her hand to her, making Wen Xiaonuan flattered.

Han Hui deliberately told Wen Xiaonuan that he had a good relationship with Ye Feimo. Wen Xiaonuan was thinking about the troupe. Please help her to shoot a small promotional video for the troupe in her hometown. Laughing as always, not refusing or agreeing. Ye Feimo pulled Wen Xiaonuanxiu’s affection and once again explicitly told Han Hui that Wen Xiaonuan was his fiancee.

Han Hui privately found Ye Feimo, saying that he left because of his mother’s back, or wanted to recover, Ye Feimo refused, and without a smile, he didn’t explain why he found Wen Xiaonuan so much like her Fiancee. Gu Yunzhou saw Wang Jiayi chasing after him, but was originally thinking about chatting, but he saw President Xu harassing Wang Jiayi in the past.

Wang Jiayi clearly rejected President Xu and said that he didn’t like rich people. This remark made Gu Yunzhou feel a little lost in his heart and turned to leave. Li Can mentioned the experience of Wang Jiayi to Gu Yunzhou. When she was in the limelight before, she made a rich second-generation boyfriend. She gave up her career as an actor for love. As a result, the rich second-generation boyfriend finally married a rich family for the family.

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Wang Jiayi, who was hurt by love, was also very resistant to the rich. In order to approach Wang Jiayi, Gu Yunzhou pretended to be a waiter. Han Hui went to contact director Li Can. Now that the movie project has restarted, she feels that she is the best actress, and hopes that Li Can can continue to use her. Li Can was still angry that Han Hui was irresponsible and did not want to use her. Han Hui said that as long as he allowed himself to act, he promised everything.

Li Can asked Han Hui to try out the drama now. There is a drama in the water. Who dares to dance now is the heroine. Obviously, on such occasions, fools will jump, Han Hui will not do that. Coincidentally, in order to make Wen Xiaonuan appear in public, Jiang Ling’er even pushed Wen Xiaonuan down the pool. Li Can announced that he chose Wen Xiaonuan as the heroine of the new drama.

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