Girlfriend (2020) Episode 9 Recap

Wen Xiaonuan fell into the swimming pool and was soaked. Ye Feimo quickly asked the staff to bring her a blanket and put her on. She kissed her in public and took her back to the hotel room. Wen Xiaonuan was a little angry with Ye Feimo himself, Ye Feimo explained that he was making a siege for her, and told her to change her clothes quickly, pay attention to words and deeds, and don’t embarrass Anning Group.

Jiang Fang heard Wen Xiaonuan fell into the water and prepared Jiang Cha to visit her, and asked Wen Xiaonuan to look at the brooch worn on his suit, indicating that his love for her had not changed, and persuaded Wen Xiaonuan not to be stupid again People with identity like Ye Feimo will never give their sincerity. It happened that Ye Feimo heard Jiang Fang’s words and looked at the dazzling brooch. He was very embarrassed in his heart and mistakenly thought that the brooch was given to him by Wen Xiaonuan.

Ye Feimo pulled Wen Xiaonuan away, and reminded Wen Xiaonuan not to be entangled with his ex-boyfriend anymore. He has a girlfriend and would only humiliate himself. Wen Xiaonuan was angry that Ye Feimo felt that he was that kind of person. Under anger, he said that the brooch was his own. Anyone who wanted to give it was given to whomever he wanted. Agent Simon took Wang Jiayi to apologize to Xiao Xu. Wang Jiayi felt that he was not wrong, and satirized Xiao Xu’s harassment, and he did not want to apologize.

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President Xu left with a cold face. Simon was so offended by Wang Jiayi that he was too lazy to care about Wang Jiayi. After Wen Xiaonuan went back, he packed up and moved away from Ye Feimo’s residence. Ye Feimu went back and found no one. He quickly sent a message to Wen Xiaonuan but was blacked out and deleted. .

Gu Yunzhou lied to be the driver of Li Dao. When he saw Wang Jiayi waiting for the car on the road, he ran up to catch up with him and took the opportunity to send Wang Jiayi back. Wang Jiayi did not doubt that he was in the car. Gu Yunzhou was very considerate to her in the car, reminding Wang Jiayi that a waiter at the banquet accidentally spilled the wine on General Xu, who was Gu Yunzhou.

Wang Jiayi asked Gu Yunzhou whether he was a waiter or a driver? Gu Yunzhou panicked and worried about identity exposure, Limara took Li Can to cover. In this way, Gu Yunzhou and Wang Jiayi added WeChat to each other. Wen Xiaonuan went downstairs to meet Wang Jiayi and saw that the driver was a bit like Gu Yunzhou. Gu Yunzhou saw Wen Xiaonuan and was so scared that he drove off immediately.

Wen Xiaonuan also brought Ye Feimo’s “Tear of Roses” necklace, she thought about how to return Ye Feimo, wanted to send a message to inform him, put it at the front desk of his company the next day, and edited the text message Finally deleted. Wen Xiaonuan went to Zhou Xiaojing the next day, and Zhou Xiaojing paid her a million yuan. Wen Xiaonuan gave Zhou Xiaojing the necklace and asked her to return it to Ye Feimo.

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Zhou Xiaojing talked about the preciousness of the necklace. Only the future hostess of Anning Group can be qualified to wear it. Wen Xiaonuan was a little flattered when he heard about this, and said that he and Ye Feimo were only in a contractual relationship.

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