Go Ahead (2020) Cast & Summary

Go Ahead Drama Poster
Go Ahead Drama Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Go Ahead (以家人之名) Yi Jia Ren Zhi Ming 
Episodes: 40 
Release Date: August 10, 2020 
Film Location: Xiamen, Qingdao 
Summary: The drama tells the story of three children from broken families who get together and become a family themselves. The three brothers and sisters support each other as they grow up, gradually heal their inner wounds, reconcile with their past self, and become better people.

Plot Synoposis:

Three unrelated children who suffer different injuries in their original families, by chance, get together and become siblings.

The eldest brother Ling Xiao, the second brother He Zi Qiu, and the younger sister Li Jian Jian support each other and grow up together under the support of their two fathers.

After graduating from high school, the two older brothers return to their native families. One is welcomed happily and cherished as a new family member and another’s biological parents remain indifferent to the relationship. They are confused between their two families.

Five years later, the brothers return to their new family, and the three siblings are finally reunited. But, the psychological problems caused by their original family still accompany them.

In the face of various difficulties in life, the three choose to work together. After experiencing some hardships, they bravely walk out of the shadow of the past, allow their parents to face their own problems directly and make each other a better person.

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Cast & Characters:

Tan Song Yun 谭松韵 as Li Jian Jian 李尖尖

A woodcarver who loves sweets. When she was young, her dream was to live in a candy house, so she often went to the dentist. Li Jian Jian is an optimistic little girl, thinks weirdly, is sensitive and empathetic. Because she grew up around two brothers, she is a bit of a tomboy and confused about “love”.

Song Wei Long 宋威龙 as Ling Xiao 凌霄

A dentist, he is handsome and capable, the type that easily attract girls to have a crush on. But his high-cold and alienated personality is often prohibitive. Only those who care about him will see his gentle and close side. The family changes make him immature and indifferent. In fact, he has been holding back, fighting, and feeling insecure, so he tries his best to pull himself out of the abyss.

Zhang Xin Cheng 张新成 as He Zi Qiu 贺子秋

Runs a coffee shop and is a dessert chef. He does everything cooly, is kind-hearted and affectionate, and hides his inner girly self. He never complains about his life, nor does he like the sympathy and pity of others. On the surface, he seems to not care about what happens, but in fact, his mind is very heavy and guarded.

Supporting Characters

Tu Song Yan 涂松岩 as Li Hai Chao 李海潮

Little noodle shop owner, Li Jian Jian’s legendary father. A good old man who treats children very carefully and tolerantly. His hobbies are cooking and saving money. In order to satisfy the tastes of his three children who wants sweets, meat, and noodles he creates his homemade sweet and sour spare rib noodles which instantly becomes a favourite for the three siblings.

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Zhang Xi Lin 张晞临 as Ling He Ping 凌和平

A police, Ling Xiao’s father. A workaholic who is not good at family life and has no time to take care of children. After his divorce, his life was in a mess. Later, he decides to live with Li Hai Chao’s family and creates a strange family consisting of two fathers, two brothers and one daughter. He is a good man and a good policeman, but he is not a good husband or a good father. It was years later that he really realized this and started to reflect on himself.

Drama Posters:
Airing Schedule

Start: August 10, 2020 
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday, 1 episode on Friday and Saturday
End: September 3, 2020

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