Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 6 Exclusive Clips: High-Flying Superstars

TBS’s Go-Big Show indisputably draws its contestants from a wide range of fields, talents, and levels of showmanship.

From feats of strength, agility, and artistry to totally bonkers acts requiring inhuman levels of pain tolerance and personal risk, they line them up, pit them head-to-head, and then judge them on how spectacular they are.

This week, our exclusive clips include a BMX freestyler who performs a phenomenal “bike ballet” then literally jumps the judges and an escape artist whose act promises a grisly finale if he can’t beat the clock.

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Dane Beardsley has made a career out of a seventh-grade obsession with BMX bikes.

As a BMX Freestyler, he’s best known for his YouTube videos of trick routines and as a team rider for DK Bicycles.

Our exclusive clip of his Go-Big Show act includes two separate elements.

First, we are treated to a demonstration of his skill and control as he “dances” his BMX through a series of movements in a routine that would rival Olympic gymnast performances.

Then, just to make sure the judges are paying attention, he lines them up, lying down, and jumps his bike over them.

You’ve got to watch closely when he makes that jump. Watch it a second time if it goes by too fast the first time.

Our dude Dane is NOT going for height in that jump. There is not a lot of clearance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all four judges had to close their eyes and pray they’d survive to make it back to their seats.

In our second exclusive clip, escape artist Fernando Velasco sets up a heckuva contraption from which he must escape. Or not.

That’s kind of the fascination with escape acts, is it not?

There would be no thrill if we know they’ll be successful, right?

Just look at that thing. Sharp and scary, capable of slamming shut with “the force of the bite of a great white shark.”

And then he lights the thing on fire.

This is where showmanship comes into play.

If he could get out of his restraints in thirty seconds, that would be too easy. Impressive, but too easy.

So he has to push it and get free as close to sixty seconds as possible. But what if he leaves it too long?

Can I repeat? “Sharp and scary.” And. Lit. On. Fire.

So which act had you more riveted?

Were you more worried for the judges or the guy in the straight-jacket?

Who was best at GO-ing BIG, and who will GO HOME? Hit our comments with your predictions!

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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