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The Golden State Warriors have proven yet again that they are a team to look out for while pursuing the championship title! Having won the 2022 NBA Finals, it is a no-brainer that any game, including the Warriors, is going to be worth watching. Why settle for a mediocre time when you can fully indulge in the game experience through Golden State Warriors courtside tickets!

Led by iconic players like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Gary Payton II, Klay Thompson, Kevon Looney, and Jordan Poole, among the rest, fans are certain that they are going to be an unstoppable force this new season.

How To Buy Golden State Warriors Courtside Tickets 

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The team is based in San Francisco and competes as a Western Conference Pacific Division member in the National Basketball Association. It was founded in Philadelphia in 1946 and remained as the Philadelphia Warriors until 1962, when it relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Golden State Warriors got their name in 1971.


The Warriors play their home games at the 18,064-capacity Chase Center located at 1 Warriors Way, San Francisco, CA. Fans wishing to see their games can look for Golden State Warriors courtside tickets to immerse in the experience and get the most out of it.

Every fan must surely dream about grabbing a seat by the courtside and watching their favorite team members tackle their opponents in their most classic manners. Making it come true isn’t as hard as one might think, as there are assured ways one can score a courtside ticket at a reasonable price.

Looking at the type of people occupying the courtside seats (mostly wealthy people and celebrities), one might assume that getting such seats only occurs in dreams. However, with a bit of investment and strategy, it is possible to score one of these spots at your favorite games.

Led by Hall of Famers Neil Johnston, Tom Gola, and Paul Arizin, the Golden State Warriors won the first BAA (Basketball Association of America) championship in 1947 and then again in 1956. But they’ve had their share of weak seasons, too, like concluding the 1965 season with the worst NBA record at 17-63.

Some players that helped the team regain its position in the chart over the years include Jammal Wilkes, Rick Barry, Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond, Kevin Durant, and many more. Also known as the “Dubs,” the team holds numerous NBA records, including ‘best regular season,’ ‘best playoff run,’ and ‘most wins in a season.’

Curry and Thompson are generally regarded as two of the greatest backcourts. The Golden State Warriors have won seven championship titles, seven conference titles, and twelve division titles. They have the 3rd most Finals appearances, while Stephen Curry and Wilt Chamberlain have been named National Basketball Association’s MVPs.

Noting the fact that the Golden State Warriors are the 2nd-most valuable franchise in the NBA, and the world’s 6th-highest valued sports team, it is certain that only the most ardent fans can get their hands on Golden State Warriors courtside tickets.

In a basketball game, courtside seats are the seats that are considered the best in every aspect. As NBA fans would already know, these seats are the most desired because of how close you can get to the game and the players. You’re literally only a few feet away from the iconic players you dream of meeting!

It’s not just about sitting in premium cushioned seats! With Golden State Warriors courtside tickets, one can enjoy a myriad of benefits and services. Some may include access to clubs and suites, VIP/valet parking, free snacks and beverages, private restrooms, VIP entrances, and more. You might also appear on the big screen or television several times!

While getting Golden State Warriors courtside tickets, it is important to note that one needs to be civil and decent throughout the game. Disturbing the game and the players verbally or physically, throwing things on the court, touching the ball, or doing anything against the rules will get you out for the entire season. So, fans should ensure to read and abide by all rules and regulations.

Purchasing courtside tickets may seem like an impossible task when it comes to seeing champions like the Golden State Warriors. However, Golden State Warriors courtside tickets are easily purchasable online. They can be bought off the NBA ticket website, venue, or team’s official page, or any reliable ticketing site on the secondary market.

It becomes impossible to score a courtside seat for latecomers. So if you’re trying to get one for the upcoming Warriors’ games, be sure to secure your tickets as soon as the sale is up.

How Much Are Golden State Warriors Courtside Tickets?

Purchasing Golden State Warriors courtside seats will surely make a bigger dent in your pockets compared to other seats. But that doesn’t stop a determined fan from pursuing one because these tickets are worth all the hype and money! They generally start at around $700 and go as high as $5000, or sometimes even more based on the games.

The cost of the courtside tickets varies depending on the game type, the day of the match, the team’s opponent, ticket demand, and so on. Therefore, considering these factors while purchasing is a good idea, especially for those looking for a good deal.

How To Buy Cheap Golden State Warriors Courtside Seats?

The Warriors won the last NBA Finals; it’s going to be even harder to get cheap tickets to their games, let alone courtside seats. But that shouldn’t discourage anyone from trying to get one of these premium seats, as nothing is impossible! If you want to score cheap courtside tickets, you might want to consider some things first.

Courtside seats are expensive throughout the year, but even more during the playoffs. So, pick a season or pre-season game. The next thing you can do is compare the ticket prices in different places until you find the best deal. Looking early is crucial while purchasing these coveted tickets as you might not get the chance to compare and contrast between different websites when the rush begins.

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