Gong Yoo Showcases His Inner Fanboy For “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” Actor Nam Joo Hyuk

For many netizens, one of the best things to happen in 2021 was that Gong Yoo created his own Instagram account. The legendary actor has been treating netizens with so many amazing pictures, from handsome profile shots…

Gong Yoo | @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

To him being random and funny AF…

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

And even fulfilled his promise that when he created an Instagram account, it would only be filled with food images.

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram


Well, it seems like it might be used for another reason, and it is none other than to hype up his fellow actors and showcase his inner fanboy.


Aside from Gong Yoo, one of the hottest actors is Nam Joo Hyuk. During his career, he’s made fans fall in love with him, starring in shows like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Start-Up. Not only is he uber talent, but he’s also easy on the eye.

Nam Joo Hyuk | @skawngur/ Instagram

| @skawngur/ Instagram

Nam Joo Hyuk is currently starring in the popular K-Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One…

| @skawngur/ Instagram

It isn’t surprising that fans worldwide are quickly falling in love with the romantic comedy… and it seems Gong Yoo isn’t impervious to it either.

On February 19, Gong Yoo posted three photos on Instagram in front of a TV screen. Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that the television was showing a shot of Nam Joo Hyuk from his newest K-Drama and Gong Yoo’s reaction was adorable, giving him a thumbs up with the world’s biggest smile.

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

Gong Yoo was a true fanboy, but it also showcased just how good a senior he is! In 2020, Nam Joo Hyuk left YG Entertainment and joined Gong Yoo’s management agency, Management SOOP. Yet, Nam Joo Hyuk is surrounded by even more talent with the likes of Choi Woo Shik, Bae Suzy, and many more huge names.

When the photos were shared on Instagram, netizens went crazy for Gong Yoo and his relationship with his juniors. While some joked that they were finally seeing their two favorite actors in one shot, others were just happy to see that Gong Yoo was supporting Nam Joo Hyuk by watching his K-Drama.


Yet, it isn’t the first time Gong Yoo has been a supportive sunbaenim. Netizens also saw that Gong Yoo shared his image watching Our Beloved Summer, starring fellow labelmate Choi Woo Shik.

It proves that despite his fame and popularity, he is still as humble as ever and wants to support everyone in the industry.

| @gongyoo_official/ Instagram

Doing things like this makes it not surprising that fans are obsessed with Gong Yoo and can’t show him enough love. Now that he’s getting the hang of Instagram, no doubt there will be more epicness in the future.

You can read more about Gong Yoo’s shenanigans on Instagram below.

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