Gongchan joins cast of ‘Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely’ as bodyguard

B1A4 fans! Are you excited to see Gongchan in a new romance series?

The singer is confirmed to appear in the upcoming MBC every1 romance drama Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely. The series revolves around the story of young people who live in the same house. They both want to date but don’t like serious and committed relationships. They love their freedom but at the same time, they don’t want to feel alone.

Gong Chan-sik (better known by the mononym Gongchan) will play the character Jung Hoon, the best bodyguard in the industry who is famous for his top skills. He is hired by chaebol heirs, entertainers, and celebrities.

Gongchan is a member of the South Korean boy band B1A4, who debuted back in April 23, 2011. Building up his acting profile, he has previously appeared in web-dramas such as Delicious Love (2015), Travel Through Romance (2019), and To My Name (2019). He is also preparing for his film debut in Young Soo (working title), where he is reportedly cast for the main role. The viewers can look forward to his transformation in the new series.

The idol-actor will join previously announced lead stars Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun. Ji will play the lead character Cha Kang-woo, a 30-year-old single man who works as a psychiatrist. He is curious about people and tends to study them. While he is an attractive man, he has a fear of romantic relationships because of a trauma from his past. But after meeting Kim’s character, he begins to fall for her.

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He is widely known for his role as a time-traveling scholar from the Joseon Dynasty in the 2012 series Queen and I. He last starred in the 2019 series Love in Sadness.

Kim will play alongside Ji as his love interest, Lee Na-eun. She is a freelance copy editor who is generous to people but does not tolerate injustice. She dreams of becoming a novelist one day. Because she avoids romantic situations, she has been single for four years. She eventually moves into a co-living house where Kang-woo is staying, and soon, both start to develop romantic feelings for each other.

She is known for her role in the 2009 hit series Boys Over Flowers as Geum Jan-di’s (Ku Hye-sun) best friend Chu Ga-eul. She last appeared in the 2018 series That Man Oh Soo.

Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely (literal title) is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2020.

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