Goo Joon Yeob And Taiwanese Actress Barbie Hsu To Tie The Knot 20 Years After Breaking Up

Goo Joon Yeob is getting married!

On March 8, former Clon member Goo Joon Yeob (who is also known as DJ Koo) announced on his Instagram that he was getting married to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, whom he was in a relationship with 20 years ago.

His post reads as follows:

I’m getting married. I am continuing the love I wasn’t able to settle 20 years ago with the woman I loved.

After hearing news of her divorce, I found her phone number from 20 years ago and contacted her.

Thankfully, her number was still the same, so we were able to connect again. As so much time has already passed, we couldn’t waste even more [time], so I proposed marriage and she accepted. We’ve decided to just register our marriage and live together.


Since it’s a late marriage for me, I ask for your support and blessings. Thank you.

In 2011, Barbie Hsu married businessman Wang Xiaofei and the pair got divorced in 2021. Barbie Hsu is well-known in Korea for playing the female lead in the Taiwanese adaptation of “Boys Over Flowers.”

Goo Joon Yeob and Barbie Hsu previously dated 20 years ago, which Goo Joon Yeob confirmed on a broadcast in 2010, saying, “10 years ago, I dated Barbie Hsu for about a year.” The couple is said to have already registered their marriage.

Congratulations to the couple!

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