GOT7 BamBam’s Album “B” Contains Songs That Were Originally Meant For GOT7

GOT7‘s BamBam recently released his second solo EP B. It includes not only iconic collaboration with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi “Who Are You” but also “Slow Mo.”

Now, BamBam has revealed that “Slow Mo” was originally meant for a GOT7 album…

BamBam recently participated in a unique interview with ESQUIRE Korea. They spoke during a carpool while also vibing to BamBam’s favorite music playlist.


Of course, one of the first questions BamBam was asked was regarding the group! The interviewer asked, “Are you and GOT7 still in touch?”



Ahgases already know the answer to this question, especially since BamBam previously talked about it during his online showcase. Still, he responded, saying they regularly talk about new music they’re working on.

Yeah, we monitor each other when we release new songs. And grab a cup of coffee at the coffee shop together. We share new songs.

— BamBam

Although BamBam shared that he doesn’t always want to share the music he’s working on with them. He wants to keep it as a surprise.

But I don’t really share because I always want to surprise them.

— BamBam

So, the interviewer asked if BamBam kept B a secret from the rest of the group. He clarified that he shared only some songs.

I did. But not everything. There are some I didn’t share.

— BamBam

This was also when BamBam revealed that “Slow Mo” was originally meant for GOT7. It ended up not making the cut, but BamBam liked it enough to hold onto it…

‘Slow Mo’ was in GOT7’s album but didn’t go so well. I rearranged and release it because I like this one.

— BamBam

When the GOT7 members finally listened to BamBam’s new album, they recognized “Slow Mo!”

Other members said, ‘it’s finally out.’

— BamBam

BamBam also revealed that this might not be the only song from B that was originally for GOT7. He also shared that other songs have been a work-in-progress for a few years now.

In this album, there are songs from old albums like a couple of three years ago.

— BamBam

We’re so glad BamBam held onto these songs! They’re all bops.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: NME and Esquire Korea

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