GOT7’s Jackson And (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Swept Up In Dating Rumors — Here’s All We Know So Far

GOT7‘s Jackson and (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi have been swept up in dating rumors. A video taken by a Chinese paparazzi was uploaded onto the Chinese social media site, Weibo. In the video, it was detailed that Yuqi had been seen leaving a hotel in China as soon as she arrived in the city, and had been spotted at Jackson’s apartment complex soon after.

Is Jackson Wang dating? Previously I ran into Song Yuqi as she returned to Beijing during the day. Not long after she settled at a hotel, she was soon urgently sent into a car secretly by an assistant and left. The car drove into Jackson’s apartment complex.

The following morning, the driver drove the car back to the hotel to fetch her assistant and they brought Song Yuqi, who had spent the night outside, back to the hotel together. She was even spotted holding 3 stalks of roses. Upon a closer look, the driver was one of the ones under Jackson’s employment. It’s obvious who gave her the flowers.


Not long later, Jackson left his complex and headed for the airport. He looked in good spirits and didn’t forget to say hi to fans. On the third day, Song Yuqi left the hotel to fly back to Korea. She specially even brought the flowers back with her. I’ll not say more, you guys can watch the video.

— Paparazzi

The timeline according to the video is as follows.

  • November 23: Yuqi reaches Beijing and heads to a hotel. She soon is driven to Jackson’s apartment complex.
  • November 24: In the morning, the driver fetches Yuqi’s assistant at the hotel and they retrieve Yuqi from the apartment complex, sending her back to the hotel. Jackson leaves for the airport later in the day.
  • November 25: Yuqi leaves the hotel and goes back to Korea.

The video went viral as fans began to search for the truth. Some fans recalled a prior incident where NCT‘s Lucas had been accused of allegedly cheating on his various ex-girlfriends. In one of the accusations, his alleged ex had mentioned that Lucas supposedly told her his close friend was dating another celebrity from Hong Kong.

Jackson and Lucas on a Chinese variety show together. | Keep Running

…then he told me his schedule is really full next year, and he’s about to get more and more popular, so we might not be able to meet anymore. Now that I think about it, it seems like he was giving me a heads up. I jokingly said it’s okay, I’ll go fangirl over the other celebrity from Hong Kong then.

To irritate him, I told him before I started being a fangirl, I really, really liked this male celebrity. He then told me, ‘That’s fine. His girlfriend is a friend of mine. We recorded a show and even went to get our ears professionally cleaned together.’

— Alleged ex of Lucas

It is well-known that both Lucas and Jackson hail from Hong Kong, and that Lucas and Yuqi are famous for being friends. They recorded the Chinese version of Running Man together.

Yuqi and Lucas on a Chinese variety show together. | Keep Running

However, fans have begun to attempt to debunk the accusations. According to a user on Weibo, the car that had been used to pick Yuqi up and drop her off was different from the one Jackson used to go to the airport. However, others pointed out that the original paparazzi had also mentioned that Jackson employs more than one driver.

It was also claimed that the outfit Yuqi was spotted in as she entered the hotel was different from the one she wore at the airport. Others refuted the debunk, claiming that Yuqi was wearing the same Fendi beanie in the airport and when entering the hotel. The only difference was the presence of a jacket or not.

Debunks claim that “it was a different car” and that “the clothes she wore at the airport on the 23rd are different from the video.” | Weibo

It was also claimed in the debunking that Yuqi had been wearing the same clothes on the night of the 23rd to a recording on the 25th. However, it contradicted the original video’s timeline, where it was claimed that she returned to the hotel on the 24th, not the 23rd. Jackson left the country on the 24th, which was also explained in the video.

Debunk claims that the so-called footage of Yuqi from 23rd was from when she left for a recording on the 25th according to her clothes. | Weibo

Neither Jackson’s studio nor CUBE Entertainment has commented on the matter so far.

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