H1GHR Music Records Announces New Rapper ‘TRADE L’


H1GHR Music Records showcased the name from the newest addition integrating their talented musical crew: TRADE L. The 18-year-old artist signed an exclusive contract with the label, becoming officially part of a Team of Aces, managed by Jay Park. On the announcement made through an Instagram post, the rapper was welcomed and had his debut confirmed to happen in August, featuring on the “Compilation” album with all H1GHR artists.

TRADE L was found by Jay Park himself through the songs uploaded on Soundcloud. Even though the debut is yet to happen, TRADE L’s features with independent artists like Levitate and JAEHA are still available on the same streaming platform. The rapper first appeared on H1GHR’s social media a few days before the official announcement, with his Student ID picture and a sneak peek from a song introducing himself. The track is available for streaming on his Soundcloud account, showing off his flow and potential.

H1GHR Music Records is a Global Label of Hip-Hop and R&B, founded in 2017 by producer, entrepreneur, and rapper Jay Park. The company promotes its artists internationally, being home for several household names on the South Korean and also North American scene. A few of the artists under their management are Sik-K, Golden (previously known as G-Soul), GroovyRoom, pH-1, 28AV, Woogie, Woodie Gochild, HAON, DJ SMMT e Big Naughty.

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