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Batting Centre

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From 1.10 a.m., Thursdays, 8 July 2021

TV Tokyo

17-year old high school girl Natsuha Mai is on summer break and has for some reason begun working part-time at Natsuha Batting Centre that her uncle runs. Troubled female customers come here at night. One day, Natsuha encounters a mysterious man Ito Tomohiro who seems to know people’s problems and struggles by watching them hit balls in the batter box every night. He says he can tell what problems they have as he observes their swings. He tries to guide them in solving their worries through his unique view of life which he likens to baseball baseball theory. Ito sees Sakamoto Yuriko’s swing when she comes to the batting centre and identifies that she is worrying about work-related matters. In fact, Yuriko gets pushed about by a colleague who joined the company at the same time that she did and does not feel valued by the people around her even though she covers for them. Ito tries to help tackle her problem. Then there is Amano Kanae who works for an advertising agency and gets many invitations from men but ignores all of them. She enters the batter box while Natsuha and Ito are watching but she makes a complaint about missing everything even though she had strikes. Growing impatient with Kanae who has just run off, Ito points out a critical flaw.

* Sekimizu Nagisa as Natsuha Mai
* Nakamura Toru as Ito Tomohiro

Guest Stars
* Kinami Haruka as Sakamoto Yuriko (Ep 1)
* Hotta Akane as Amano Kanae (Ep 2)
* Takeda Rena as Imai Karin (Ep 3)
* Fukagawa Mai as Takahashi Nanako (Ep 4)
* Sato Hitomi as Teramoto Saori (Ep 5)
* Yamashita Rio as Motoyama Yoko (Ep 6)
* Itaya Yuka as Takeda Naomi (Ep 7)
* Yamazaki Yuhane as Kanzaki Hina (Ep 8)

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Original Work
Promise Cinderella by Tachibana Oreko

Yamada Yoshitatsu (Zenra Kantoku Season 1, Denei Shojo Series, Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta!)
Yajima Koichi (Kenkou de Bunkatekina Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu, Aino Kekkon Soudanjo)

Hara Hiroto, Shima Kentaro, Harada Kentaro

Ending Theme
Konna ni Kanashii no ni Hara ni Naru by CreepHyp

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