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“Harper’s BAZAAR” Releases Pictorial & Interview With The Stars Of “Pachinko”: Youn YuhJung, Lee MinHo & More

Recently, Harper’s BAZAAR released a thorough interview with the actors of “Pachinko”, an upcoming Apple TV+ series based on the novel of the same name, accompanied by a pictorial, that drew attention from fans all over the world for bringing to light all the ways that the work affected its creators and actors on an artistic and personal level. This included actors Youn YuhJung, Jeon YuNa, Jin Ha, Lee MinHo, and Kim MinHa

"Harper's BAZAAR" Releases Pictorial & Interview With The Stars Of "Pachinko": Youn YuhJung, Lee MinHo & More


Actor Lee MinHo, who plays Koh HanSu, shared that he was drawn to the script of “Pachinko” because he felt that it was important to revisit the past and chart the history of the land on which the younger generation now thrives. Similarly, actor Jin Ha opened up about being grateful that he was “invited to represent this incredibly storied and resilient community” of the Zainichi people and that he worked diligently towards authentically fulfilling the significance and historical import of his character, Solomon. 

Jeon YuNa and Kim MinHa, who play the young and teenage versions of SunJa (the central protagonist of “Pachinko”) respectively, revealed how they imbued their characters with the strength of their grandmothers and great grandmothers in order to truly portray their lived experiences with sincerity. 

Finally, Oscar-winning actress Youn YuhJung, who plays the eldest version of SunJa, concluded by saying that even South Koreans could learn a lot about their own history from the show, which is all the more reason why they should tune in. “I hope to honor their story with this show.”, said Youn YuhJung to Harper’s BAZAAR.


You can read the complete interview in the February 2022 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR!


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