Has BLACKPINK Renewed Their Contract With YG? Fans Think Yes & Here’s Why

BLACKPINK, who debuted under YG Ent. in 2016 with their superhit debut singles Whistle & Boombayah, is today regarded as one of the biggest pop music groups on the planet. BLACKPINK has proved their supremacy on almost every platform and area, be it Spotify, YouTube, or music and concert sales.

Even though BLACKPINK and its members are at the peak of their careers and continue to grow year by year, there are doubts that the group may disband in the upcoming year. Why would a world-famous group like BLACKPINK suddenly disband? You may ask. BLACKPINK members are signed under a contract with YG which is due to expire in June of 2023. It’s completely up to BLACKPINK members if they decide to renew their contract or not. Even if a single member decides against signing the dotted line, BLACKPINK as we know it may not exist anymore.

Fans Think BLACKPINK Has Already Renewed Their Contract With YG

YG Entertainment announced today that BLACKPINK will be headlining Hyde Park Music Festival in London in July of next year. However, fans have pointed out that BLACKPINK’s contract with YGE ends in June of 2023, exactly when the BORN PINK world tour also ends. Fans think it is almost certain that all BLACKPINK members have renewed their contracts, and it is because of this that they will still be performing as BLACKPINK even when their initial contract ends in June. BLACKPINK members were first introduced to the world in June of 2016.

BLACKPINK contract started in June 2016 and should end in June 2022 & they have a festival in July so if they still active since they performing on July at that festival it means they renew their contracts OMGGGGG WE WON” one fan wrote.

“blackpink next year schedule confirmed 9 months in advance. that contract is renewed.” added another.

However, there are also concerns from some fans who want to hear that BLACKPINK members have negotiated better terms for themselves this time around. YG is often accused of not caring about its artists and their rights. They are also notorious for regularly delaying their music projects. BLACKPINK fans in particular have also accused YG of not letting the girls exercise their creative freedom.

Because of the almost daily mistreatment news, many think BLACKPINK will not renew their contract, however, the members themselves do not have any plans to end BLACKPINK anytime soon. In their most recent OT4 interview with Rolling Stone, all the members echoed the same sentiment that they do not want BLACKPINK to ever end.

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