Hawk-Eye Netizens Discover “Single’s Inferno” Kim Jun Sik’s Hidden Supportive Message For Song Ji A 

The hype of Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno may be slowing down, but the popularity is far from over. As each contestant from the reality dating series continues to make headlines following its conclusion, we have yet another member whose actions are belatedly garnering attention.

Poster for “Single’s Inferno.”

Contestant Kim Jun Sik from the program has been gaining love following the show’s end, as he displays his genuine and kind personality through his social media. While he didn’t get much screen time on the reality dating program, netizens began to fall in love with the real Kim Jun Sik he portrayed through his various social media posts.

Contestant Kim Jun Sik | Netflix

The handsome cast member frequently shows off his friendship with the rest of the Single’s Inferno contestants, which has also only added on to his overall likability. As he continues to make headlines for the different ways he showcases his friendships and personality comes, yet another headline making example.

Left to right: “Single’s Inferno” contestants Cha Hyun Seung, Oh Jin Taek, Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Jun Sik | @juncore_/Instagram


On January 29, Kim Jun Sik uploaded what seemed to be a simple Lunar New Year’s message for all of his fans and Instagram followers. The sweet message included words of encouragement and blessings, as the Single’s Inferno contestant expressed his desires for a better upcoming year.


Amid the internal and external crises, there are many difficult things going on right now. Rather than saying stay strong through words, I wanted to be a person that showed it through actions instead. No matter how wild our lives may get, the way will always be visible and no matter how difficult it may be, everything will get resolved as time goes on. Last year was filled with sufferings, but may we all meet once again with smiles on our faces 🙂

— Kim Jun Sik @juncore_/Instagram

However, Korean speakers who read Kim Jun Sik’s message noticed something unique about his message. Upon seeing that his Instagram caption began with an exclamation point, they read the first word from each sentence from the bottom to the top. It was here that netizens realized he had left a subtle hidden message of support for his fellow Single’s Inferno contestant, Song Ji A.

Kim Jun Sik’s hidden Instagram message for Song Ji A | @juncore_/Instagram

Ji A, stay strong!

— Kim Jun Sik’s hidden message to Ji A @juncore_/Instagram

Back in January 2022, Ji A—the show’s breakout star—was caught wearing numerous fake designer items throughout her time on the Netflix show, on her YouTube channel, as well as her Instagram account. While owning knock-off goods isn’t uncommon within the nation, it was the fact that the Single’s Inferno star tried to pass off her counterfeit goods as authentic which infuriated the nation.

Contestant Song Ji A wearing a knock-off Chanel shirt on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

Due to the mass backlash and harsh criticisms she began to receive, Ji A quickly apologized for her mistakes and removed all of her content from her social media accounts. Ever since her controversy went public, the influencer has stayed out of the spotlight to reflect on her actions.

Song Ji A’s apology video | @free지아/YouTube

Given the heated situation, many of the other Single’s Inferno contestants have not addressed Ji A’s controversy due to the potential backlash they could also receive. However, it seems that Kim Jun Sik did not care and rather, cared more for his fellow contestant and friend’s current well-being.

Cast of “Single’s Inferno” | @juncore_/Instagram

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