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Heavy Blush TikTok-Viral Trend Is Everywhere Now

If you recall, your ‘For You’ page might have taken to across many celebrities, influencers, and online beauty gurus this past year, where they are trying out the viral trend of TikTok. The heavy blush TikTok-viral trend is the new makeup trend these days.

There has been a plethora of fashion eras of hyper-specific core aesthetics. For example, fairy-grunge core, regencycore, Barbiecore, cottagecore, and much more. Our feeds have been filled with these subcultured core aesthetics. But the same thing is now happening for multiple makeup trends like the anti-mascara trend, blush nails, and also the under-eye liquid blush trend.

For the heavy blush trend, it is applying a significant amount of blush along the cheeks. One might extend it to the temples, forehead, nose, and chin as well. Back in 2016, the trend was about contouring and highlighting but now there has been a shift where people use blush.

This trend has also given rise to the use of liquid blush. It can also be correlated to the number of brands that launched liquid blushes like Rare Beauty Blush, which was the very first viral product of the brand. Various celebrities like Dixie D’Amelio, Dove Cameron, Charithra Chandran, HyunA, and Dawn are including the heavy blush aesthetic.

This trend is making people drift from the traditional blush placement. A major example of this is the “sunburn blush” trend where blush is applied on the tip of the nose.


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