Henry Cavill Reflects On Losing Edward Cullen’s Role To Robert Pattinson In Twilight

When Twilight was released, it soon gained a huge fan base. People started loving the chemistry between Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan & Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen. But seems like the author’s first choice wasn’t Robert Pattinson, but other famous actor.

The actor is none other than Henry Cavill who is popularly known for his DCEU role of Superman. Stephanie Meyer author of the Twilight novel series in a blog post spoke about Henry being a perfect choice for Edward’s role. She wrote that she lost the best choice for the role and Henry at that time was 24 years old.

In a recent interview with the Happy podcast, Henry revealed that he didn’t know about casting or the movie. Also back then the internet wasn’t that widespread to let actors know about rumors of their casting. So he didn’t know at that time that he was considered as a first choice for the role and found it afterward.

After knowing, The superman actor says that it would have been cool to play the character. But it was already passed on to Robert Pattinson already until he found out.

Robert Pattinson has now entered the DCEU as Batman in Matt Reeves’s Movie . It’s known that the film is in development but hasn’t been greenlit by Warner Bros.


Henry Cavill’s Superman Returns

The last time we saw Henry Cavill as Superman was in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which was a 2021 film. But there no additional scenes were done by Cavill. So it’s been in total 5 years since seeing Superman for the last time. Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam which was released a few days back marked the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the post-credit scene.

Henry Cavil shared a video in Superman Costume on his Instagram account. The post also confirms his return. In the caption, he writes, ” A very small taste of what’s to come, my friends. The Dawn of hope renewed. thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded.”

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