Here Are 10 Times NCT’s Johnny Proved His Life Is One Big Fashion Show

Even though NCT 127 is considered one of the best dressed groups in K-Pop, Johnny‘s own personal style is also particularly notable. After all, there is a reason why there is a whole segment in Johnny’s Communication Center that is dedicated to fashion; he is the group’s resident fashion expert, and Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation has proved it many times. But evidence of Johnny’s fashion icon status can be found everywhere, from his flawless outfits on his Instagram, to his fashion-related roles in NCT‘s content.

Here are 10 times NCT’s fashion king Johnny proved he lives his life like it’s all one big fashion show.


1. When he nailed the comfy vibes in a plaid shirt and sweats

This look was casual and comfy, and Johnny absolutely nailed it. His half-ponytail really brought the look together, so it’s safe to say that not enough is said about Johnny’s blonde bob!

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

2. When he stunned in black leather pants

The contrast of the black leather, the soft jacket, and the sharp haircut was on point.


| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram


3. When he wore a loose-fitting white suit as judge in The Next Neo Model

This mini-series was a great opportunity for all members to exercise their comedic chops, but even though it was a parody, Johnny was all too convincing in the role of judge and editor of “JOHNNYZED” (in the absolute funniest way possible).

| NCT 127/YouTube

4.When he lived up to his role of editor of “JOHNNYZED”

NCT 127’s “Favorite” comeback blessed us with a another Johnny looking like the model and fashion icon he is, and with a glimpse of what the editor of “JOHNNYZED” could be.

| @nct127/Instagram

5. When he easily made a casual outfit totally eye-catching

This seemingly simple outfit of jeans and plain white t-shirt was made anything but with the inclusion of this pair of two-colored jeans, making this look the true ‘effortlessly chic.’

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

6. When he absolutely stole the show with his airport fashion

Johnny has had many iconic airport looks, and this preppy fit was certainly no exception.

7. When he rocked this vintage-looking outfit

Johnny paired a black leather bomber jacket with blue jeans, a hoodie, and yellow boots for this absolutely perfect cozy autumn look.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

8. When his Universe promo pictures ended models’ careers

He always just does that.

9. When he looked effortlessly expensive in his sleek green coat

Wearing his favored two-colored jeans, Johnny paired them with a soft looking dark jumper and an elegant looking green coat that made the whole fit look casual, but still thoughtfully put together.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

10. When he hilariously nailed his own fashion evaluation

In A Cup of Coffee Part 2, Johnny was evaluated by the other members for a change..


…and he did not disappoint.


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