Here Are 5 Of BTS V’s Most Unique Habits That Are Just So Him


BTS‘s V has the cutest quirks and mannerisms that only he does. However, some ARMYs may have picked up on a few of his habits! Check out some of the most “Tae-like” things he can’t stop doing below.

1. Doing the “Tata Mic” face

V once made this hilarious and adorable expression when asking for the BT21 product and ARMYs were never the same since!

The specific look comes out whenever he’s thinking hard…

…silently judging…



…or just being himself!

Plus, it’s so unique to V, making it a fan-favorite.

2. Sharing his food with others

As a caring and loving friend, V has a habit of putting food from his plate onto other members’ plates to make sure they have enough.

In the mad dash of people eating food, V can always be seen giving back.

Specifically, he loves giving food to his “Soulmate” Jimin!

3. Thinking puppies are so cute, he must bite them

V might just be the physical embodiment of the term “cute aggression.”

Just like when your grandma pinches your cheeks, V finds animals so adorable that he just has to take a bite out of them!

As a true animal lover, he can’t contain himself around adorable dogs.

Lucky pups!

4. Daintily brushing his hair up

Careful not to disturb his hairstyle, V has a signature way of fixing his hair!

Using the back of his hand, he gently presses his long bangs off of his forehead so he can see better.

| Naver

If you’ve ever noticed this, you’re definitely an observant ARMY!


5. Fake gum chewing on stage

Last but certainly not least, his unique habit of pretending to chew on stage drives fans wild!

It adds to his charisma and gives off his own unique energy when performing.

He knows exactly what he’s doing to ARMYs when he does this!


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