Here Are 9 Times BTS Gave ARMYs Secondhand Embarrassment

Wherever BTS goes, they always bring their signature chaotic energy! No matter how hard ARMYs may cringe at the crazy things the guys do, we just can’t stop loving them. After all, who doesn’t get some secondhand embarrassment from their family sometimes? Check out some of the moments below where they get so wild, even ARMYs got shy!

1. J-Hope once showed a bit too much of his “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” dance.

He didn’t leave much to the imagination!

2. BTS danced so hard, they ended up in a Red Velvet fancam.

They don’t see anyone else around them!

3. RM got on the big screen…doing this.

The face is priceless.

4. This moment that happened on TV.

Just some typical Bangtan shenanigans over here.

5. Suga proved himself as the flirtation master with ARMYs way back in the day.

Cringing but also falling for every word he says.

6. When J-Hope’s elevator prank lead to this iconic moment.

You can feel his pain!

7. When Jungkook and Jimin had this legendary moment in their old vlog.

They didn’t realize what happened, but ARMYs did!

8. BTS went into full “chaotic” mode the moment they stepped onto I-LAND.

We can’t take these guys anywhere!

9. Jimin once accidentally flipped off ARMYs…then immediately apologized.

He just wanted to show the little faces he drew!


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