Here Are The Things EXO’s Suho Did To Spend His Time Meaningfully During His Military Service

EXO‘s Suho was officially discharged from military duty on February 13, and both fans and Suho couldn’t be happier. He went live on Instagram to greet EXO-Ls for the first time since his enlistment, where he also shared some details about how he spent his time during military service.

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Suho shared during the live that he wanted to spend his time meaningfully, so it seems like he kept himself busy with plenty of healthy and productive activities—one of which was immediately noticeable. Suho surprised fans with flawless English, explaining that he had put a lot of effort into his English to communicate with fans better.

I’ve been studying English hard to communicate with global EXO-Ls more comfortably.

— Suho

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He also very humbly added, “My English got better, but I still have a long way to go.” Though judging from this live, it definitely sounds like he’s already made it!


In fact, his English skills trended on Twitter after the live, meaning he may not have as far a way to go as he thinks!

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Suho then went on to describe the other meaningful activities with which he filled his time, starting with working out (of course).

I worked out every day. I worked on my guitar. Someday I will show you the guitar. And I started to cook.


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His newfound cooking skills are something that he had already hinted at this week, jokingly suggesting that he and D.O should have a cooking battle now, which is something that EXO-Ls absolutely need to see now!

He also revealed that one of the things he had started learning about was wine.

I started studying and drinking wine. It’s a huge difference from before.



That Suho did his best to spend his time in a meaningful way is not that surprising. Suho has always been a wholesome person, even to the point where he regrets finishing his service due to the fact that the children at the children’s center where he worked will miss him. Now, Suho claims he is working on special gifts for EXO-Ls, saying that the wait will be worth it.

However, this live alone was already worth it, especially knowing the effort he’s put in to communicating with fans from all over the world and the amazing ways he spent his time during the last two years. Happy to have you back, Suho! You’ve been missed.

You can watch the clip of him talking about his activities on the link below.

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